Dietary supplements – BCAA

BCAA in the form of a dietary supplement is a preparation containing exogenous branched amino acids, which the body is unable to produce in any way. It is also important that these amino acids constitute about 25% of all compounds of this type found in muscle structures. In part, they are delivered with food, although if we want to expand muscle mass and put in a lot of physical work in the form of training, such quantities are not enough, hence the necessary supplementation.

BCAA – composition
BCAA amino acid supplementation will bring us many benefits during regular exercise. This is possible thanks to the appropriately selected composition, which includes: valine, isoleucine and leucine. Each of these substances has specific features and brings different effects, hence the adoption of the entire complex allows achieving excellent results. It is extremely important that the BCAA’s activity has been proven many times over.

How do BCAAs work?
The first component – leucine helps, among other things, to lose extra kilograms from fat tissue. In addition, it significantly stimulates the growth of muscle mass and regulates the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

In turn, valine has muscle-regenerating properties after exercise, allowing them to expand faster. In addition, it increases endurance and strength during training and complements the body’s demand for pantothenic acid, that is vitamin B5, which positively affects the nervous system and protects against the negative effects of stress.

Isoleucine as the third component of BCAA is an amino acid that promotes tissue regeneration, including muscle tissue, although its action is beneficial also for joints and bones. In addition, this substance improves the condition of the skin, nails and hair, and helps the body fight disease. During training, the main function of isoleucine is to prevent the appearance of feelings of exhaustion and accelerate the growth of muscle mass.

BCAA as a whole performs many important tasks, including, but not limited to:

Accelerates muscle building
It improves the efficiency of the body,
Accelerates the burning of accumulated fat,
Regulates blood pressure and blood sugar level,
Prevents fatigue.

In addition, an increased amount of proteins causes a more intense secretion of anabolic compounds, such as growth hormone, which increase the growth of muscle fibers and protect them from destruction.

Who should use BCAA?
BCAA amino acids are especially recommended for training people, including those who are just beginning their adventure with regular physical activity. The product will work both in strength sports and in those with a different nature, such as athletics, cycling, martial arts and many more. It is worth reaching for it, not only when we want to increase our muscle mass, but also when our goal is to burn unnecessary body fat. It follows that BCAA is a relatively universal supplement with proven effect.