Dietary supplements after training

Supplementation after training is extremely important, looking through the prism of muscle development and acceleration of the regeneration process. It should be remembered, especially as the period of training is extremely important in training at the gym. Dietary supplements for athletes are ideal in the form of preparations that provide all the necessary ingredients.

  1. Why is the post-workout period so important?
  2. Protein
  3. Creatine
  4. BCAA
  5. Carbo


  1. Why is the post-workout period so important?

People who are not strangers to strength training, certainly have often met with the concept of an anabolic window in their sporting career. The anabolic window is the period immediately after the training lasting from 90 to 120 minutes. During this time, the metabolism works at higher revolutions, the body returns to itself after experiencing a training shock and therefore, to ensure optimal regeneration, reports the need for nutrients.

You must realize that waiting with a meal up to two hours after training is not the right approach. During this time, 2 meals should preferably be taken. The first is to be a source of protein and carbohydrates (no fat!) – should be consumed up to 15 minutes after physical exertion. The second meal should be eaten up to an hour after the first and should be 100% healthy and balanced dish.

During the training period (before training, during and after training), nutritional supplements very nutritious in the athlete’s diet are ideal. Today it is difficult to imagine harmonious muscle development without them and there is nothing strange about it!

Of course, it is worth to raise one more issue – diet and dietary supplements are an indispensable combination, but a diet can exist without the support of its chosen supplement, while a dietary supplement without proper nutrition will not fulfill its role!


  1. Protein

The best dietary supplement for men? The answer is simple – a protein preparation. Protein supplement is the most often and most frequently used form of supplementation. The protein after training is best consumed in liquid form. Ideally, therefore, in this case, use the benefits of dietary supplements. It is best to choose a protein with a fast absorption coefficient. So the first choice is the whey protein isolate. It combines two forms necessary after training – high quality protein and protein, which is quickly assimilated by the body. The main building component should be delivered up to 15 minutes after physical exercise at the gym.


  1. Creatine

Creatine, taken before and after training, plays a very important role. It supports the development of muscle structures, helps to burn unnecessary adipose tissue, and its use improves the quality of workouts by increasing muscle strength and endurance.

Based on the above description, it is safe to say that it is a great dietary supplement for both weight and slimming! Thanks to their versatility, creatine and protein are considered the best dietary supplements!


  1. BCAA

BCAA in combination with coals (eg carbo preparation) improves slimming. In addition, the preparation taken after training increases the synthesis of proteins, and also due to its presence in larger quantities, they secrete in the body, anabolic hormones, which translates into greater effects and faster regeneration of the body after the effort.


  1. Carbo

A preparation intended to provide energy. It will perfectly complement the fast and a nutritious meal right after the workout. Strength training depletes the glycogen stores, so it negatively affects the muscle development if they are not adequately protected.

That is why it is so important not to deepen muscle catabolism and replenish glycogen stores as soon as possible after training, eating a meal rich in protein and carbohydrates. Carbo will work perfectly, because it contains quickly digestible carbohydrates, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body and muscle development!