Dietary breakfast – 5 simple recipes

Do you want to lose weight and at the same time do not know what to eat for breakfast on a diet? See 5 simple recipes for dietary breakfast. People on a diet who do not skip breakfast do not overeat later in the day. In addition, they eat healthier overall!

How to do dietary breakfast

Dietary breakfast is the most important meal of the day not only for people on a diet. It is not without reason that breakfast has gained such importance in planning meals.

Breakfast increases the intensity metabolic processes inside our organism and allows you to burn calories throughout the day. Thanks to properly prepared breakfast you will increase the chance of healthy eating throughout the whole day.

In addition, by combining protein and carbohydrates in the breakfast, you will gain energy for the whole day. Also, studies show that eating breakfast rich in dietary fibre reduces the number of calories consumed both at breakfast and dinner by 100-150 kcal.

When preparing a dietary breakfast, be sure to choose wholesome cereal products. Do you have no idea for a quick and simple dietary breakfast? Try our recipes!

1. Quinoa with cherries and nuts (464 kcal)

Quinoa is a perfect source of wholesome protein and carbohydrates. This is an extremely nutritious diet breakfast that gives you a feeling of satiety for a few hours and lots of energy.


Boil the quinoa on milk. After cooking, mix with cherries, hazelnuts and cranberries, sprinkle with coconut flakes, decorate with mint.

2. Egg pasta with tuna and whole-grain bread, vegetable pistils (402 kcal)

If in the morning you do not have enough time to prepare breakfast, this suggestion is for you. You can prepare egg paste with tuna the day before in the evening. If you don’t like tuna, you can prepare a paste with cottage cheese or just eggs.


Hard-boil eggs. Crumble, add tuna, yoghurt, dill, season according to your taste. Spread on the bread. Eat with your favourite vegetables, which you can cut into sticks for more variety.

3. Pancakes with cottage cheese (414 kcal)

Pancakes can be absolutely fit proposition for the dietary breakfast!
Pancakes can be absolutely fit proposition for the dietary breakfast!

Pancakes are an excellent choice for a diet breakfast, preparing one portion is not too time-consuming. You can add your favourite fruit to cottage cheese, not necessarily peaches, but it’s worth choosing seasonal and fresh fruits. If you don’t like sweet breakfasts, you can prepare pancakes with spinach and feta cheese, hummus, salmon and chickpeas or with cottage cheese.


Mix flour, milk, egg and olive oil to a smooth dough consistency. Fry in a pan without fat. Blend the cottage cheese with yoghurt, add the diced peach, mix. Brush the pancakes with cottage cheese, roll up or fold. You can pour fruit mousse prepared with fresh fruit and decorate with fresh mint leaves.

Breakfast cocktail

As part of the diet breakfast, you can enjoy a cocktail based on fruit or vegetables, e.g. with buttermilk or milk. Such a shake will give you energy, will not burden your stomach and make you burn more calories.

4. Pancakes with blueberries and natural yoghurt (476 kcal)

Cocoa pancakes can also be a fit choice if you prepare them with the addition of rye flour and olive oil without deep frying. You can also use other fruits instead of berries.


Separate the whites from the yolk, whip the protein. Mix the egg yolk with milk. Add flour, baking powder and cocoa powder and whipped egg’s white to milk yolk, mix gently. Add olive oil and berries to the dough. Fry in a fat-free pan. Eat with plain yoghurt. They could also be eaten with fresh fruit mousses.

5. Millet muffins with spinach (374 kcal)

Different types of cereals are always great choice for the breakfast!
Different types of cereals are always great choice for the breakfast!

Try muffins for breakfast! Not only are they a nutritious, dietary breakfast, but it is also easy to vary their preparations.


Boil millet, chop spinach, grate mozzarella. Mix all ingredients. Fill the muffin moulds previously lined with curlers. Bake for 25-30 minutes. You can prepare a yoghurt-herb sauce or tomato sauce.

Breakfast lets you lose weight

Limiting calories will do nothing if you do not eat a decent breakfast. This was demonstrated by an experiment on obese women leading a sedentary lifestyle. Some of them used a diet of 1085 kcal (consisting mainly of proteins and fats) and ate a light breakfast (290 kcal) with a small number of carbohydrates.

The second group received 1240 kcal per day, half of which was for breakfast. These ladies consumed more protein and carbohydrates, and less fat. Lunch provided 395 calories and dinner only 290. After four months, it seemed that a diet with a small breakfast seemed to be more effective, but after eight it turned out that this large breakfast allows you to lose weight more – the first group began to gain weight again, while in the second woman they lost an average of 8 kg.

Why? A small breakfast can even sharpen your appetite, and carbohydrate deficiency slows down metabolism, as a result of which after initial weight loss it increases.