Diet in Hashimoto’s disease – recipe menu

What diet for Hashimoto should include

The menu in the diet of people with Hashimoto’s disease should include an increase in protein intake and a decrease in carbohydrates. The high content of fats containing unsaturated fatty acids is also important, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids from the omega-3 group. People with Hashimoto should also take care of the right amount of iodine, zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, antioxidants and probiotics. How to implement these recommendations in practice? See our sample recipe menu.

Hashimoto Disease in nutshell
Hashimoto Disease in nutshell

The menu in the diet of people with Hashimoto’s disease should be prepared by the dietitian individually for the patient’s needs, taking into account his age, energy demand, nutritional preferences and clinical condition. Below is an example menu for a 39-year-old woman weighing 63 kg and height 169 cm with Hashimoto’s disease.

Diet in Hashimoto’s disease – menu. Day I

Breakfast – porridge with fruit

II Breakfast – coconut milk cocktail

Lunch – cod with rice and salad

Season the cod with salt, thyme, crushed garlic clove and olive oil. Wrap the fish in foil and bake in the oven at 200 celsius degree for about 20 minutes. Dice tomato, cucumber, red pepper and onion. Add parsley. Season the prepared salad with apple cider vinegar and linseed oil. Serve baked cod and salad with boiled rice.

Afternoon dish – yoghurt with bran and nuts

Dinner – lettuce with hummus sandwiches

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Diet in Hashimoto’s disease – menu. Day II

Breakfast – soft-boiled eggs with vegetables

II Breakfast – yoghurt with mango, bran and poppy seeds

Lunch – chicken liver with sauerkraut

Sprinkle the liver with flour and fry in clarified butter. When the liver is fried, add sliced onion and marjoram on each side. Simmer covered for about 10 minutes. Chop sauerkraut and pour olive oil. Serve the dish with cooked pearl barley.

Afternoon dish- quinoa mousse

Dinner – pumpkin cream

Cook the skin peeled with the carrot until tender. Add powdered ginger. Mix the soup into a smooth cream. Serve with yoghurt and pumpkin seeds and a slice of bread.

Diet in Hashimoto’s disease – menu. Day III

Breakfast – Omelette with vegetables

Cut the vegetables and mushrooms into small cubes and fry in a small pan until soft in clarified butter. Insert beaten chicken eggs into the vegetables and stew under cover until the eggs are completely cut. Finally, sprinkle the omelette with chives. Serve with a slice of rye bread.

II Breakfast – salad with pasta and mozzarella

Lunch – salmon with potatoes and carrot salad

Season the salmon with salt and a crushed clove of garlic. Wrap the fish in foil and bake in the oven at 200 Celsius degrees for about 20 minutes. Grate the carrots and apple, season with lemon juice and yoghurt. Serve baked salmon and salad with boiled potatoes and dill.

Afternoon dish – vegetable and fruit smoothie

Dinner – cottage cheese sandwiches