Diet and snoring. What to eat, to not to snore?

Diet can affect snoring. There is a certain group of products, which affects the severity of symptoms. Snoring is increased e.g. due to drinking alcohol. What other products can aggravate snoring?

Causes of snoring

Diet affects the snoring, though certainly it’s not the main factor that causes it. Proper diet is a secondary factor in snoring, but that does not mean that its insignificant. The main factor strongly correlating with this problem is overweight.

People with overweight and obesity snore more often. This is because the excessity of fat around the neck, which pinches the throat, causing a narrowing of its light and difficult airflow. The main recommendation related to snoring and related to diet is to maintain normal body weight.

Snoring increases as a result of drinking alcohol. Alcoholic beverages affect the relaxation of the muscles of the body, including the throat muscles. That’s why people confronted every day with snoring are advised to avoid alcohol, especially in the evening.

If we focus on meat, we may include two sets of products causing chronic inflammation in the body and cause an increased mucus secretion in the airways. Both inflammation and excess of phlegm factors are causing the snoring.

Research shows that snorers’ markers of chronic systemic inflammation is significantly higher than in patients for which snoring problem does not occur. Very important is also food allergens and products intolerability because they can be both cause inflammation, excess phlegm and other breathing difficulties.

Diet and snoring – which products are the cause of snoring?

Dairy products are well known as substances which increase mucus secretion in the upper airways. Excess phlegm or too high density of is, however make it difficult to breath and acts snoring inducing.

Milk proteins are moreover very frequent food allergens as well as lactose in dairy products – a common ingredient causing food intolerances. Wheat is also a common allergen.

Pure sugar and sweets are the ingredients of a diet which have well-proven negative impact on the body. One of the primary activities of sugar is escalating and causing chronic inflammation in the body’s tissues.

Except for sugar, sweets also contain the most strongly pro-inflammatory trans fats from hydrogenated vegetable oils and advanced glycation end products.

A diet that can alleviate snoring, anti-inflammatory diet is based on vegetables and oily fish of the sea.

Production of red meat, such as sausages or canned meat, are known as a pro-inflammatory factor. This effect is due largely to food additives (nitrites) and the substances arising during heat treatment (AGE – advanced glycation end-products).

Food allergens lead to increased inflammation. They may cause increased secretion of mucus and oedema of the upper respiratory tract. Allergies and food intolerances are very individual matter, but the most common allergens include milk and dairy products, eggs, nuts, peanuts, fish, seafood, wheat and soybeans.

In order to mitigate snoring with the help of diet, we should excludee the products that affect the severity of symptoms. This does not mean the elimination of all food products from the list below, but their long-term consumption.

The key issue in elimination diets is to observe your own body. Anyone can react differently to food, so you should exclude single products and observe the changes. Not all will have problems with wheat or nuts. Some people react to the dairy more, others less etc.

Products which high intake can be the problems of snoring is

The problem begins when the snoring accompanies us every night. This is not only a nuisance Obstructing partner’s sleep (and sometimes our own), but also causes health problems. Snoring is associated with relaxation of the throat muscles during sleep and revocation of the language, which is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

The airflow causes the movement of the muscles, mainly during exhalation. The narrower the throat becomes, the louder the noise associated with snoring.