Diet and herbs for lowering cholesterol

The main factor affecting too high blood cholesterol, including its bad fraction called LDL (low-density lipoprotein), is the wrong diet. So how should you change your eating habits and what should you include in your diet to keep your cholesterol at the correct range? How to lower cholesterol naturally? What herbs to use to lower cholesterol?

Too high cholesterol level

Elevated blood cholesterol is a significant warning signal. Persistent for a long time promotes the development of many dangerous diseases, especially those related to the heart and the circulatory system. Therefore, it is worth implementing preventive measures as soon as possible to help lower and permanently maintain cholesterol at the appropriate level. An effective way to lower cholesterol is to implement appropriate eating habits.

Effects of HDL and LDL fractions of cholesterol
Effects of HDL and LDL fractions of cholesterol

What to eat to lower cholesterol?

Diet on lowering cholesterol should, on the one hand, focus on limiting products rich in this substance, and on the other – on increasing food intake, which will help increase the fraction of good (HDL) cholesterol.

The anti-cholesterol diet has a composition similar to the Mediterranean diet, it assumes the consumption of a large amount of fruit, vegetables, fish and vegetable oils. Simultaneously it is worth giving up fat-frying, instead, bet on baking stewing or grilling.

What herbs to lower cholesterol?

To fight high cholesterol (including primarily bad LDL cholesterol), you can use natural preparations based on single herbs or whole herbal blends in the form of capsules or tablets that lower cholesterol. Among the herbs that help reduce blood cholesterol are included:

Artichoke herb – the substances it contains (derivatives of quinic acid) help lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The infusion prepared from the herb is bitter, so it is better to reach for convenient capsules with artichoke herb extract.

Ginger – Ginger root or rhizome not only stimulates the immune system and accelerates blood circulation. Tinctures or infusions of freshly grated ginger also help lower blood cholesterol.

Milk thistle – seed scales of this plant not only have a beneficial effect on the work and regeneration of the liver. Milk thistle preparations have a strong antioxidant effect, facilitate digestion and maintain adequate blood glucose and lipids levels.