Detox with cabbage juice

We feel badly on a daily basis because we do not have the strength to do so, where has the vitality, energy, blush and good humour gone?

What makes you feel so bad?

We work hard to get ourselves into this state, coffee in the morning instead of breakfast, a cigarette for lunch and a heavy dinner and still a candy bar during the day because we need a shot of energy to be able to continue to function, and for a healthy snack we waste time. With such a lifestyle, even the most resistant organism will finally say enough!

Our body signals when something doesn’t suit us, give us clear signals, but we don’t notice the tiny ones until we accumulate, we notice that our nails are no longer as hard and shiny as they used to be, our hair as if it has fallen off and become brittle, our complexion as earthy, our eyes have lost their seductive glow and we are forever tired and irritated and our concentration is just non-existing.

Body detoxification

Detox is the cleansing of an organism from toxins when it can no longer cope with it – yes. Sometimes even nature has to be helped when the natural filters in our body like lungs, kidneys, liver do not keep up with our lifestyle in a polluted environment, eating food in which you can find the whole Mendeleyev board and a glass of wine every night.

So we take care of ourselves and do our body a favour!

The natural cleansing of the body from toxins eliminates a lot of ailments such as fatigue, apathy, insomnia, allergy, migraine, indigestion – that is what we want.

You can detoxify in many ways by eating only vegetables and fruit for one day, drinking herbal teas or eating only apples, but we will propose something else – drinking cabbage juice. This is not as terrible as it might seem.

Preparation of the juice

We buy a head of cabbage, wash it thoroughly and put it in a juicer – this way we get about 2-3 glasses of juice, put it in the fridge and enjoy it every day.


Detox treatment starts with one glass of raw juice, if we want to dilute it with a small amount of water, we drink this glass in small sips (because, believe me, it is impossible to drink it all at once at the beginning, unless you are a gourmet of such juice) all day long and most of the time about half an hour before meals.

We increase the dose of juice by the glass with each passing week when we reach the month and 4-5 glasses a day, this time every week we reduce the portion of this drink, which is already starting to taste slow, or our taste buds stop paying attention to this taste, ending with one glass a day.

After applying such a treatment, preferably two months, and additionally limiting all nicotine and caffeine stimulants, changing the diet to a little lighter – without greasy dishes and high-calorie lunches you will see a amazing effect. Your liver will thank you, your pancreas will thank you, but how? The best possible way – no flatulence or indigestion, grey complexion will take on a blush, tiredness will go away.

The funny thing is that our loved ones often take this kind of treatment with a wink of the eye at first and then join in, it is fantastic when we clean up our family, support ourselves and feel better every day.