Dental health and hygiene – how to deal with ailments?

Every wound, ulcer or even a slight abrasion in the mouth is very painful and effectively hinders everyday functioning. Inflammation of the mucosa is an unpleasant ailment, therefore, it is worth starting their treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear. How to soothe irritations in the mouth? How to treat inflammation of the mouth?

Proper mouth hygiene

Adequate oral hygiene is important not only for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile but also for the overall condition of the whole body. Inflammatory lesions arising in the mouth can spread easily throughout the body and contribute to the development of many diseases. These also include the most common systemic conditions such as diabetes or atherosclerosis. To prevent this, any inflammation in the mouth should be treated from the first symptoms.

The inside of the mouth is very sensitive. The mucous membrane is in daily contact with foods and liquids of varying texture, composition and consistency. In addition, frequent contact with microorganisms makes this area very susceptible to the development of inflammatory foci. The group of particular risk of complaints and inflammation in the oral cavity includes patients after antibiotic therapy, diabetics, allergy sufferers, people wearing orthodontic appliances or dental prostheses. Their presence particularly contributes to the formation of minor abrasions and mornings on the mucosa and gums.

Ailments within the mucosa are primarily caused either by periodontal disease and the action of bacteria, viruses and fungi or by mechanical damage to the mucosa or gums (e.g. through wounds caused by braces, dentures, too intensive brushing, accidental biting on the cheek, e.t.c.).

The condition of the oral cavity is also influenced by such factors as the low level of vitamins and other substances in our body, smoking cigarettes, permanently taken medications and general health, including to a large extent accompanying diseases.

Symptoms of stomatitis are unpleasant and bothersome. They are painful and difficult to heal due to the environment of changes and constant irritation by food intake. They make drinking and eating difficult, and sometimes contribute to the difficulty of speaking and swallowing.

Oral candidiasis is also a common mouth ailment. It's mainly related to lowered immunity
Oral candidiasis is also a common mouth ailment. It’s mainly related to lowered immunity

How to deal with mouth ailments

Management during treatment and alleviation of ailments is two-way. On the one hand, the irritant must be removed – the direct cause that causes the ailment. On the other hand, we focus on alleviating unpleasant ailments and healing lesions.

When choosing drugs and other preparations to alleviate those ailments, pay attention to those based on plant extracts. Preparations based on herbs such as sage, chamomile, calendula, coltsfoot, oak bark or thyme work well in oral diseases. The substances they contain have an astringent effect, soothe irritations and support the wound healing process. The addition of allantoin gives a strong soothing effect, thanks to which it relieves mucosal microtraumas.


Although inflammation and irritation of the mouth are quite common ailments, comprehensive and multi-directional action allows you to deal with them quickly. It is worth acting at the first symptoms while striking the cause of the problem and alleviating its effects.