De-fumigation of the body – how to avoid parasites and fungi?

Candida Albicans (White-rot), is a common parasitic fungus of the yeast family. It is located in our body naturally. About 80% of people have Candida fungi in them, which are part of the intestinal microflora. However, in case a person is healthy and the immune system is working flawlessly, then we are not in danger of having ringworm in the body. Yet, if our health is compromised and our immune system is weakened, it is very often associated with the occurrence of candidiasis or thrush. It is possible to be infected by candida, which can cause fungemia. It is an infection of the blood by fungi or yeasts. In addition, candida causes weakness of almost the entire organism. Familiarizing ourselves with natural remedies that can help us fight these conditions seems to be a must in modern world.

What is mycosis of the body?

Mycosis, is a condition that is very often associated with previous disorders of our body. Past illnesses and injuries consequently lead to a weakening of the intestinal microflora, which is the main cause of the mycosis.

Symptoms of systemic mycosis

Systemic mycosis gives many specific symptoms that can help us to recognize this illness. The problem is that they show only when illness is already developed, which can cause troubles in effective treatment.

In the first phase of systemic mycosis Candida Albicans fungi appears in the large intestine. At this stage, bloating, nausea, problems with bowel movements, diarrhoea or constipation, and sometimes odor from the mouth appear. From medical information, you can also read that in many people who have developing mycosis state in the body, the appetite for sweets increases. This is because sugar is an essential factor for the candida yeasts reproduction. If we do not react in time, the next stage of the disease will develop, which is, the spread of the fungus by means of the bloodstream and looking for more organs to inhabit.

Systemic mycosis also causes non-standard symptoms for our body. Examples include painful menstrual periods, psoriasis, tooth decay, rheumatic pain, or decreased libido. De-fumigation of the body at this point is required. If this is not done, recurrent inflammation of various systems and organs will occur. In extreme cases, the toxins produced by the yeast have the ability, to reach the brain and affect our nervous system. Symptoms in this case are problems with concentration, memory, mood swings and notorious fatigue and brain fog.

How to diagnose mycosis?

In order to establish the correct diagnosis it is worth going to the doctor. Doctor will interview us and then order blood tests, which will give him an overview of the whole body’s condition. The multiplicity and unconventionality of symptoms make systemic mycosis of the body difficult to detect without properly selected tests, which should be carried out using specific technologies.

In the case of visible ringworm, a proper consultation with a doctor should be undertaken to determine a long term treatment to properly and definitively treat the mycosisinour body.

Oral Candidiasis - one of the symptoms of systemic mycosis
Oral Candidiasis – one of the symptoms of systemic mycosis

Treatment methods for systemic mycosis

The effectiveness of treatment methods comes from their regular use and undergoing medical control. Taking medication alone will not get rid of systemic mycosis because it is a much more complex process. The best solution for our body will be a combination of appropriate medications, herbal products and a balanced diet.

A proper diet that will take care of the microflora of our intestines in a beneficial way should effectively contribute to the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. Probiotic products are highly recommended to be the main part of the diet.

Our body may not be 100% efficient because of the amount of work it does. Bloating, weakened immunity system and other negatively impacting factors are constantly showing up in our lives. These factors, among others, lead to a violation of the epithelium of the stomach and intestines. In such a case, it is worth getting supplements that will strengthen bowel and intestines.