Creatine supports the elasticity of the arteries.

Usually, when we hear about creatine, we think of a dietary supplement showing the anabolic ability that bodybuilders use to increase the body’s exercise capacity. 


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However, this is not the end of the beneficial properties of the supplement, and its use is much wider. Creatine can effectively counteract stiffness of the arteries. 


Researchers used a group of 16 young men aged around 22 who were healthy but not trained. Half of them received creatine in the amount of 5 g in 2 portions daily, the second group in turn placebo. The task of the whole group was to train on the machine for leg extensions, where they were instructed to make 2 series of extensions after 50 repetitions. 



Subjects were examined 5 and 15 minutes after the end of exercise. Parameters that were controlled were arterial stiffness, blood pressure and heart rate. The results show that the creatine group did not notice a significant change in the stiffness parameter of the arteries, whereas in the placebo group this parameter increased immediately after the training. 


For the time being, researchers are treating the results with caution, because average bodybuilders train much harder than the subjects. What’s more, the subjects subjected to the experiment were young, so their body reacts differently to both training and supplementation with creatine. However, logic suggests a thesis that suggests that creatine supplementation has positive effects on the cardiovascular system.