Creatine supplementation and alcohol consumption

Almost every gym lover used supplementation with creatine. Most of these people like to eat alcohol from time to time. However, is the combination of creatine and alcohol appropriate? Are there any negative effects of using these two substances at the same time? This article presents the effect of alcohol during creatine supplementation.

At the outset, I would like to point out that in the following article there will be no reference to scientific studies confirming these theories. However, knowing the exact principle of creatine (which is supported by research) and the body’s reaction to large amounts of alcohol, some conclusions can be made. According to my presumption, these conclusions are completely true. I invite you.


Creatine – dosage, application, effects.

Every human body has its creatine stores. However, they are not big enough to be fully sufficient during hard training. In addition, providing the optimal amount of this supplement from food is virtually impossible. Therefore, additional supplementation with creatine in the form of tablets or powder is recommended.

Creatine works by converting useless ADP molecules to “explosive” energy – ATP. During training, the natural reserves in the muscles end very quickly. Then the main ingredient – phosphocreatine, which converts ADP to ATP, comes with the help.


Effect of creatine on muscle development.

Muscles increase volume thanks to proper training and diet. Through training, we mean tearing off micro-muscle fibers that grow larger during regeneration. They increase their volume thanks to the diet, namely through the process of protein synthesis. So the so-called The muscle pump is a side effect of muscle wasting and is maintained only during training. Shortly after its completion, the effect decreases and reconstruction begins. What effect does creatine have on this? Indirect. Namely, if you use heavier weights, you damage the muscle fibers more. Analogously – they grow back larger quantities.

Drinking alcohol and increasing muscle mass.

The fact that alcohol affects everyone probably knows everyone, but what is it caused by? There are two main reasons why alcohol consumption is not conducive to increasing the musculature. The first reason is the fact that alcohol slows the synthesis of protein into muscles, and hence – the muscles can not increase their volume, and regeneration is slowed down.

The second reason is the indirect effect of alcohol on the breakdown of muscle tissues. This effect can occur mainly if alcohol is taken shortly after training. Torn muscle fibers require regeneration during which the process of rebuilding them takes place. This process involves the synthesis of proteins, that is, building or reproducing muscle fibers. Considering the first reason (alcohol hinders the synthesis of proteins), it can be concluded that the restoration can be so disturbed that the muscle fibers may not return to the original size.


Okay, we’re all human so what do I do when I drink alcohol?

In addition to professionals who live in bodybuilding, most gym goers sometimes go out to a party with alcohol drunk from time to time. Of course, drinking 1-2 beers once in a while will not bring any side effects. When writing the tips below, I mean larger quantities. If you know that the party is being prepared, but you care about the effects of training, follow the rules

On the day of the event, the body is well hydrated. Before the party, during it (liquids other than alcohol, preferably water), and also after its completion. You can not lead to strong dehydration. Alcohol rinses water, and you have to make up for it.

On the day of the party, stick to your eating plan. Do not forget about wholesome meals. On the day after the event, when the appetite is not too big, or it does not exist at all, you must eat wholesome meals to bring the body to full fitness as soon as possible.

Before the event and after its completion, provide slightly higher doses of vitamins and minerals that will significantly contribute to the cleansing of the body.


The combination of creatine and alcohol – does it make any sense?

As you read in the above information – alcohol rinses water and slows down the synthesis of proteins, while creatine is the exact opposite. The conclusion is one – alcohol neutralizes the positive effects of creatine. Larger doses will not help or even worsen. Remember that your liver after “libation” is very heavily burdened. By adding to this increased dose of the supplement you are even more heavy on it.



Excessive consumption of alcohol during creatine supplementation may negatively affect the positive effects of creatine during the period of building muscle mass. If you are serious about building muscle mass, try to reduce alcohol. However, if you like “from time to time” to drink, try to avoid consuming alcohol after training, and follow the above recommendations.