Creatine orotate – a guarantee of effective development of strength and endurance

Creatine orotate is a combination of one molecule of creatine and two, and sometimes three molecules of orotic acid in one molecule. This action causes that the resulting creatine compound gains optimal properties – above all it increases the production of energy and the ability to store glycogen in the muscles. It is because of such properties that creatine orotate is often used by martial arts competitors as well as speed-strength, stress and strength disciplines.


  1. Creatine orotate – properties
  2. Creatine orotate – action
  3. Creatine orotate – an effective conditioner

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  1. Creatine orotate – properties

Systematic supplementation with creatine orotate significantly supports exercise capacity, includingstrength and endurance, accelerates the growth of lean muscle tissue, and supports post-workout regeneration. An important function in this matter is also fulfilled by insulin – a hormone that increases the transport of creatine to muscle cells.

Taking creatine is very important for athletes and physically active people, this supplement can be taken with daily diet, however, the amount provided with food is insufficient – in this situation, appropriate supplementation with creatine preparations, combined with protein and carbohydrates is indicated.

Creatine orotate is a product available in the form of monopreparations – capsules or powder, as well as a base or supplement to the creatine stack (in this case the supplement is available mainly in the form of powder).

Regular intake of orotan in the form of the aforementioned nutrients is a guarantee of an effective development of strength and endurance, as well as increases the current muscle mass.

  1. Creatine orotate – action

The main component of creatine orotate is orotic acid, which significantly affects energy production and increases the storage capacity of glycogen in the muscles. This supplement has many benefits in terms of intensity and length of training, the rate of post-workout regeneration and the construction of lean, dry muscle mass.

The supplement is addressed primarily to athletes and physically active people, it can be used by both men and women, with the exception of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Creatine orotate is available in the form of easy to swallow capsules, powder (as a monopreparat) or as a base of creatine stacks or addition to them.

  1. Creatine orotate – an effective conditioner

In bodybuilding supplements, you can rarely find creatine in the form of orotan, although it is a perfect and well-absorbed form of creatine.

Creatine orotate has a strong effect, is well absorbed, does not cause water accumulation under the skin, but in the cells of our muscles, and most importantly, provides a fast and noticeable increase in strength and muscle mass.

The transport of creatine to muscle cells is coordinated and accelerated by insulin, therefore it is recommended that orotate and other forms of creatine be consumed with nutritious meals, especially with products that increase insulin response – proteins and carbohydrates. In this case, the alternative may be ready nutrients and creatine, carbohydrate, carbohydrate and protein supplements as well as insulinomimetics and others.

Creatine orotate doses should be determined individually, taking into account the type of training and body weight. Depending on individual needs, cyclic or constant supplementation can be used.

Creatine orotate can be purchased at reputable retail outlets offering supplements and nutrients for bodybuilders, moreover, it can also be obtained in online stores where the choice of products is much larger than in stationary outlets.