Creatine not only on weight!

Many people ask this question. Creatine is a great conditioner, but many people do not realize when and how it can be used. Taking this preparation in the right dose is acceptable even for more than 8 weeks. This can provide maximum benefits for the muscles.

  1. Creatine in the mass cycle
  2. On reduction
  3. What is the best?
  4. Contraindications – read this better!


  1. Creatine in the mass cycle

It has been widely accepted that creatine increases the amount of blood flow in the body, making it a useful dietary supplement in the period of building muscle mass. Of course, this is only part of its positive properties. It is worth noting that it is thanks to her that nutrients and oxygen get into the skeletal muscles much more quickly. Thanks to this, the blood also quickly removes from them the negative remains of training, such as lactic acid.

The above described action accelerates the regeneration time, thanks to which your dream results are achieved faster. In addition, creatine contributes to the formation of so-called muscle pump. It is the feeling of swollen muscles after training.


  1. On reduction

Positive opinions are also collected during the period of reducing fat. According to recent studies, creatine not only significantly increases muscle mass, but also helps to lose subcutaneous fat. This is because creatine accelerates the metabolism and transport of essential components along with blood to the body’s cells.

Its dosage ranges from 5 to 10 grams. It is best to take it in the post-training period, before training and after training. Thanks to this, we provide the muscles with the greatest gains from using the product.


  1. What is the best?

There are many creatines on the market. They differ by the quality and price according to the producers. Each type has its application, for example, creatine monohydrate is indicated during the period of building muscle mass, and many people are more likely to reach creatine malate when reducing fat tissue. Creatine mixes are also very popular.


  1. Contraindications – read this better!

Creatine should avoid people suffering from hypertension. In their case, the use of this preparation can have big consequences, looking through the prism of the health of such people. The same applies to people who suffer from cardiovascular disease and heart disease.