Creatine for reduction. Lose weight and keep muscles

Creatine is one of the key supplements in the diet of weightlifting sportsmen. Its properties help primarily to build muscle mass, but can it also be successfully used during the reduction period? How does creatine work on reduction? What is the best creatine?

  1. Creatine and reduction – important information
  2. Fight for every gram of muscle – what does creatine give you?
  3. Strength on reduction, that with creatine is not lacking
  4. The final verdict – opinions and effects


  1. Creatine and reduction – important information

Creatine is most often seen and used as a dietary supplement in the period of building muscle mass. However, it can also be used with great success during the reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue.

This period is characterized by the fact that despite the desire to burn unnecessary FAT, we burn heavily trained muscles on the occasion, which is not a desirable process. Thanks to supplementation with creatine during the fight against excessive body fat, we can prevent this situation from occurring.

Creatine owes its multifunctionality to the fact that during the slimming period protects against the degradation of muscle structures. This means that by eating creatine on a reduction – you should not be afraid that you will lose a lot of muscle.

Of course, creatine alone is not enough. A balanced diet rich in macro- and micronutrients is very important. In addition, it is worth remembering about vitamin preparations that will effectively fill existing shortages.


  1. Fight for every gram of muscle – what does creatine give you?

As it is already known, from the first point creatine allows to inhibit the degradation of muscle proteins. Why is this happening? About this below.

This is because the dietary supplement to which this article is devoted has a strong anti-catabolic effect. This means that it positively affects the processes of muscle regeneration through the reconstruction of ATP.

This relationship is the basic energy charge in our metabolism, so the greater the amount of it – the sooner it will recover the damaged muscle fibers during training. Creatine is also effective in removing harmful lactic acid and in maintaining proper hydration of tissues, which allows maintaining the proper pH of the body.

It is best to combine it with glutamine and BCAA in this period, which will additionally support regenerative processes. In addition, it is worth to buy such preparations as chelated forms of magnesium or taurine, which will effectively improve the action of the product in our body.


  1. Strength on reduction, that with creatine is not lacking

Reduction for many of us also means a gradual decrease in strength, and this parameter, as well as the amount of muscle mass, had to be hard to earn. However, do not be afraid – creatine comes with help!

Creatine preparations due to the intensification of muscle regeneration and strengthening effect have an impact on the maintenance of muscle strength and endurance. In addition, in some cases the increase of the above parameters may be noted, omitting in this case persons who have just started their training, because in their case, increasing strength and endurance is something natural even during the reduction period.


  1. The final verdict – opinions and effects

Creatine can be successfully used both during muscle building and reduction of body fat. Thanks to this, the quality and quantity of muscle mass will be maintained at the appropriate level. Muscles will keep their natural thickness, and at the same time our strength and endurance will not pass a colossal drop.

The described food supplement helps in the fight against free radicals, supports the appropriate proportion of body composition, increases the ability to remember, improves concentration and reduces the negative effects of an inadequate dose of sleep – but this should not be a problem. Creatine positively affects the quality of sleep and improves the mood, and hence, the desire to perform next strength training increases.