Creatine and cognitive functions

The aging process affects all body systems, including the nervous system and its perception, attention, memory, learning, thinking and intelligence processes.1 Konstantinos I.Avgerinos et al. Showed that creatine improves memory, provides health benefits to people who are aging or under the influence of stress.

Creatine Monohydrate

Six studies were included there (concerning 281 people).There is evidence that short-term memory and conclusions can be improved by creatine.Regarding long-term memory, spatial memory, attention, word fluency, reaction time and mental fatigue, the results were contradictory.The results on cognitive tasks remained unchanged in young people.

Vegetarians respond better than those who eat meat in memory tasks.As you can see, creatine not only builds muscle and supports strength, it can also be useful for people who do heavy work requiring concentration and attention.


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