Creatine – 6 things you should know

Creatine is a natural substance that is found mainly in muscles and tendons, therefore its best source is meat and fish. The use of creatine preparations helps reduce fatigue while increasing productivity. It is popular especially when practicing strength sports. Studies have shown that this is a natural way to build lean body mass and increase athletic performance. Below are 6 trivia that everyone should know about creatine.


  1. Creatine helps increase muscle strength

Since the 90s of the twentieth century, creatine has become famous thanks to building muscle and improving fitness. It is not exaggerated, however, the results of the use of this supplement depend, inter alia, on from the level of carbohydrate intake, type of physical activity and type of muscle fibers. Therefore, using creatine is best to consult with a specialist to achieve the best results.


  1. Increase weight by holding water in the body

Researchers at the University of Quinnipiac have proven that using creatine is possible to gain a body weight of 0.5-2 kg due to water retention. However, it is not worth worrying about, because extra kilos should translate into higher weights, and therefore a greater increase in lean muscle mass. It is worth remembering that after the cessation of creatine supplementation the weight will start to fall, because the body will get rid of the water. Only muscles and strength will remain.


  1. Creatine has a beneficial effect on the brain

Creatine can positively affect the functioning of the brain and memory and help in the fight against depression. People with depression do not want to move. Creatine, on the other hand, provides the energy necessary for physical activity. Movement, on the other hand, improves well-being.


  1. Hold the powder

Creatine supplements can be found most often in the form of powder or pills. The easiest to use and the most effective powder is because it is a basic, simple form of creatine. Powder is also the most useful in the body.


  1. Mix with water or juice

It’s best to take creatine by mixing it with water. You can also mix the fruit juice supplement to get it into the bloodstream more quickly. However, creatine absorbs quite quickly, so you do not need to take additional treatments for this purpose. In addition, it should be remembered that juices contain more sugar and calories than water.


  1. The best time to take creatine

The best time to take creatine is different. For some it will be in the morning, for others before training or drinking it in the form of a shake after training. The most important thing is to be consistent in accepting it. It would be ideal to take creatine an hour or more before and immediately after exercise. However, the most important is frequency and regularity. In this way, the best results will be achieved.