Conditioner for mass for beginners

Building muscle mass is a complex process. For muscle mass to grow, dietary, training and supplementation conditions must be met. Building body mass associated with significant fat accumulation indicates that one of the points listed is not being carried out properly. The use of scientific research has allowed us to develop activities that effectively support the development of musculature.

However, training people often use the foundations of the old school of bodybuilding and successfully build their bodies. What should you remember about wanting to build muscle?

Stimulus stimulus

It is not enough to have a well-composed mass diet that will have a significant caloric surplus. Maintaining a positive balance without a proper form of physical exercise will result in a significant risk of fat accumulation. Strength training should therefore be the factor that will trigger the processes signaling to our body that it is necessary to build larger muscles. As we can see, it is the training that will determine whether the calories consumed will be used for energy, regeneration and building purposes. If our training is too weak, a badly estimated diet will cause that the calories consumed will be accumulated in the form of adipose tissue.

Diet for mass

The proper mass diet must first of all take into account the amount of calories that we must provide for the energy needs of our body. Not only is it necessary to estimate the level of calories expended for strength training, but if we want to build muscle mass, we must also provide a caloric surplus. In addition to the energy itself, it is also important to provide appropriate macroelements of the diet, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. However, their correct balancing requires an individual approach. Typically, it is about 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight, about 1 g of fat, and the rest of the balance is carbohydrates. A proper diet will allow us to build muscle instead of accumulating fat.


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Nutrients for mass

There is no doubt that the appropriate use of supplements and supplements will allow us to build muscle more effectively. However, we must remember that their selection can not be accidental. Functionally, nutrients can be divided into typically nutritional products as well as special supplements.

Typical nutritional supplements

In this group, we find primarily those products that have the importance of supporting the daily diet, but not only. A popular purchase is the gainer carbohydrate-protein conditioner. A good quality gainer should have a minimum of 20% protein content per 100 g of supplement. This protein should be of animal origin, and therefore based on a classic whey protein concentrate, which can additionally be supported by a whey protein isolate, making the conditioner even more effective. The carbohydrate portion should be based on the hydrolyzate of corn or wheat starch with the addition of maltodextrin.

Protein supplements have a greater range of choices. We distinguish here proteins based on WPC, WPI and WPH. As well as proteins that are a source of vegetable, egg or beef proteins. However, in typical mass cycles, proteins based on classical concentrate are selected. The choice is dictated by the fact that they are proteins rich in EAA amino acids, as well as a significant content of BCAA. Their composition makes them an optimal choice when it comes to supplementing a mass diet. During the post-workout period, they are an excellent option to cover the demand for proteins during the anabolic window.


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Other products of this type distinguish carbohydrate carbohydrates and MCT type fats, whose task is to support the body in terms of energy. They are mainly used around the trainings, when the body needs this type of support, so that the energy level does not change its level throughout the duration of the training.

Special supplements

These are products that exhibit ad hoc, special effects that support the anabolic effect. Quite often, they stimulate the anabolic effect, allowing you to build more muscle mass. In this group we find such additions as

Creatine – this is one of the strongest dietary supplements, which has a strong anabolic effect. The phenomenon of creatine is that it has a two-level effect. First, creatine stimulates the accumulation of creatine phosphate, thanks to which the ATP resynthesis process is faster. The regeneration time between sets is reduced, which effectively increases the level of intensity of training. Secondly, creatine supports the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy effect. This means that supplementation with creatine allows for the accumulation of more fluids in muscle tissue. This phenomenon causes more glycogen and other energy substrates to accumulate along with the water. What’s more, creatine will also affect testosterone levels, helping to maintain it at the upper reference limit. Currently, creatine hydrochloride is the most effective form of creatine that shows significant biological effects. Its supplementation does not require such large doses as in the case of a classic monohydrate, and the chemical structure facilitates the use of the human body. The dose of hydrochloride ranges from 1 g to 3 g, depending on body weight.

Creatine Monohydrate

Beta-alanine – the action of beta-alanine is based primarily on the stimulation of carnosine synthesis. It is a strong antioxidant compound that results in improved muscular capacity. What’s more, beta-alanine has a synergistic effect on creatine, so supplementation with this compound increases the effectiveness of creatine itself. The dose of 3 g before and 3 g after training is the optimal amount. On days off from training, it takes about 3-4 g.

BCAA – despite the fact that a significant number of people who train BCAAs with weight reduction, this type of supplement is also useful when building muscle mass. If you want to choose good BCAAs, follow the proportions of amino acids 211 that have an effective action to support our muscles. Branched chain amino acids could be successfully placed in the group of nutritional supplements, because in this field they show a significant effect, thus supporting the energy function of the muscles. The optimal dose of BCAA is about 1 g of amino acids for every 10 kg of body weight. BCAA should be consumed before strength training.

BCAA Mega Caps

Testosterone boosters – their goal will be primarily to optimize the hormonal management of our body. Products of this type will ensure that our body does not lack testosterone, whose decline will be manifested by slowing down the rate of regeneration, faster fatigue, as well as a drop in mood. Products of this type are used before sleep, which is intended to support the depth of sleep and thus affect the level of regeneration. What’s more, testosterone booster is designed to effectively ensure that hormones unfavorable in building muscle mass do not rise above the reference standard.

Insulin mimicers – these are products whose task is to ensure the proper function of insulin management in our body. This means that the use of carbohydrate-rich meals will be more effectively used by our muscles. We mainly distinguish ALA, chromium, berberine, omega 3 or gymnema sylvestre acids here. Usually, each person planning a mass-building program should use these types of additions. Mixtures that improve the use of sugar are usually used for the first meal with carbohydrates on a given day, for a post-workout meal and at bedtime.

What is ultimately worth to buy?

Looking at the above information. The best choice will be the use of supplementation, which will include all of the above-described ingredients. In the context of typical nutritional products, the best option is to use a good quality gainer, which will contain good quality animal proteins, as well as a mixture of good quality carbohydrates. The optimal product seems to be Mass Activator, which combines the above-mentioned features.

In turn, in terms of special-purpose ingredients, it would be worthwhile to include the dietary supplement with such components as BCAA, creatine, beta-alanine and the addition of amino acids EAA, taurine, electrolytes, and caffeine. These types of mixtures are usually available in post-training stacks. They have a wide range of applications supporting the body on many levels. The peri-training stack strikes directly at the process of building muscle mass, acting before, during and after the training. An example of a supplement that perfectly supports the muscle building effect is Post Workout from Allnutrition. It combines ingredients that effectively build muscle, and what’s more, in one product we have a comprehensive package that allows for constant increments.


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