Coleus Forskohlii – Indian nettle – application, properties and dosage

Among the researchers and scientists, the effectiveness of this supplement does not raise any doubts. In addition, it is completely natural. This plant has a lot of good news recently, especially about the fact that it has a very positive effect on our body, cures many diseases and positively influences the loss of adipose tissue.

Coleus Forskohlii is Indian nettle. You can meet her in the very warm climate of East Asia. There she is known for her valuable properties for many years and was successfully used in Hindu and Ayurvedic medicine.

Properties of Coleus Forskohlii

  • positively affects the T3 synthesis, thus improving thyroid function,
  • stimulates the metabolism,
  • reduces cortisol levels,
  • positively affects the cardiovascular system as well as the work of our heart,
  • reduces gastrointestinal problems,
  • improves the work of the respiratory system,
  • calms us down, which improves regeneration and sleep quality,
  • positively affects the urinary system and reproductive system,
  • improves the composition of the figure, which has been scientifically proven by scientists from the University of Kansas (Godard et al. 2005),
  • nevertheless, further research is needed in this matter,
  • positively affects the level of testosterone in men,
  • forskolin, which is contained in Coleus Forskohlii, affects the growth of the AC enzyme, which improves all processes to regulate muscle mass. In
  • addition, forskolin also increases the production of cAMP, where proteins are synthesized and, as a result, increase in muscle mass,
  • forskolin is also used as heart medicine, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and spasmolytic,
  • Forskolin is also used for skin problems,
  • in Hindu medicine was also used in asthma, bronchitis, angina, but also epilepsy,
  • supports the treatment of psoriasis and glaucoma,
  • stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin.

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Application of Coleus Forskohlii

  • it should be used in case of thyroid abnormalities, especially during hypothyroidism,
  • is recommended for cardiovascular diseases,
  • can be a valuable addition in the period of reducing unnecessary fat,
  • it is also recommended during the period of building muscle mass,
  • this supplement can be used by people who have sleep problems,
  • is often used during the treatment of asthma,
  • can reach for this supplement men who are struggling with low testosterone,
  • this supplement is also worth introducing in the case of inflammation,
  • it is also worth taking advantage of its benefits in the case of gastrointestinal problems, including colic, diarrhea, or nausea,
  • activates macrophages, which helps to improve the immune system to fight viruses and infections,
  • can be an effective addition during the treatment of diabetes and insulin resistance,
  • it is worth using this supplement in various autoimmune diseases,
  • this supplement may also be used by people exposed to direct stress, reduces cortisol, calms,
  • you can also enter it for people with immunocompromised.

Dosage of Coleus Forskohlii

The most well-known form of this supplement is the Coleus Forskohlii powdered root in the form of capsules. Typically, manufacturers recommend about 400 mg a day best for a meal. You can also take this supplement 1-2 hours before bedtime.

Of course, this supplement is not recommended for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as people with low blood pressure, because the Indian nettle lowers blood pressure.

Coleus Forskohlii


Of course, if someone expects a wonderful loss of kilos after using Indian nettles, then he is wrong. This supplement may be an interesting addition to the reduction period, but above all we must ensure proper diet and training.

However, the use of Indian nettle in many other diseases, is the most applicable, so it is worth to reach for it and feel better, especially in the case of people with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as in the case of men struggling for high levels of testosterone. Certainly this supplement will be used in stressed or sleep-deprived people. It is worth to introduce it to daily supplementation and see for yourself what its effects will be.


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