Coconut oil, butter and olive oil – what’s the best?

Researchers conducted a study and compared coconut oil, olive oil and butter

Participants were recruited by the BBC.They were people aged 50-75, without a diagnosed cancer, cardiovascular disease or diabetes, not using lipid-lowering drugs that could use high-fat diets.

The subjects applied for 4 weeks (additionally, in the diet)

50 g coconut oil, olive oil or unsalted butter,

Coconut Oil


Although butter and coconut oil are saturated fat, and olive oil contains mainly mono- and polyunsaturated fats (omega-9 eg oleic acid, omega-6 eg linoleic acid), and very few saturated fats (eg palmitic acid) and omega-3 fatty acids (eg alpha-linolenic acid), however, in the context of improving LDL, coconut oil proved to be better!In addition,coconutoilsignificantly increased HDL-C.This study shows that the current classification of cholesterol (as good or bad) is pointless (as I wrote extensively on another occasion).Do you use coconut oil?As in any other case, reason and moderation count.Similarly, olive oil in excess becomes harmful, because it has a pro-inflammatory effect due to bad O6 / 03 ratios (like most vegetable fats).Butter is certainly a better alternative compared to margarine, which has been known for many years.There are no reasons to call coconut oil bad, because saturated fat has been scarred for several decades (and it turned out to be untrue).


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