Citruses cleanse the body and mind

These southern fruits have so many pro-health properties that they can be called a natural medicine.It is worth eating them especially in winter, when the season ends with fresh native fruits, and the season begins … colds.

One orange or two mandarins meet the daily requirement for vitamin C. But this is not the only advantage of citrus fruits.What else can they do?

They strengthen immunity.Vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, supports the body in the fight against diseases.It also facilitates the absorption of iron, preventing anemia.Flavonoids contained in citrus, also strong antioxidants, neutralize carcinogenic free radicals.On the other hand, terpenes (eg limonene in lemon), which give the citrus a characteristic smell, have antibacterial and antiviral properties – that’s why citrus fruits support the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections.

Vitamin C 1000 + Citrus Bioflavonoids

They cleanse the body.It is better not to peel citrus from the skin, because its white part (the so-called albedo) and the membranes separating the fruit particles are rich in pectin – a soluble fraction of fiber.It stimulates intestinal movement, helping in the elimination of harmful metabolic products, and absorbs cholesterol, preventing its penetration into the blood.Citrus, especially lemon, stimulates the secretion of saliva and bile, which also has a positive effect on digestion.The lemon also has alkalizing properties;when drinking water with fresh lemon juice, we counteract the acidification of the body.Oranges prevent the formation of stones in the kidneys – they contain substances that reduce the crystallization of calcium oxalate and uric acid.Grapefruits are recommended for slimming – enzymes contained in them accelerate digestion, and pectin in the stomach and duodenum bind with bile acids, reducing the absorption of fats.

They support the psyche.As a source of B vitamins (primarily valuable folic acid and niacin), citrus fruits have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.The feeling of pleasure that accompanies the peeling of oranges should be attributed to the therapeutic effect of essential oils that evaporate from the skin.Aromatic terpenes contained in them have a relaxing and calming effect.The cool scents of lemon and grapefruit have a stimulating and refreshing effect;lemon oil fights drowsiness, helps in concentration, can relieve migraine pain.


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