Citrulline – highly potent Nitrogen Booster

Nowadays, everyone knows exactly what dietary supplements are. Unrivaled, they conquered both the domestic and world market. Their properties, composition and spectacular effects have meant that they are currently on the pedestal among the choices of even the most demanding consumers. What is their phenomenon? We have been asking this question for a long time. First of all, our civilization is developing, and the world is still moving forward, we invent something new, we expect more, we want more – we are more aware and we have more knowledge. Secondly, we begin to pay attention to what future is being created in front of us, in what condition our body is, what it needs, and what deficiencies it has. We want to be healthy and want to live happily ever after. Thirdly, there is now fashion (which probably will never pass) for being fit, for having a beautiful, perfectly sculpted, nourished and slim figure, for a healthy and strong body.

How Citrulline fits in dietary supplements industry

Supplements not only supplement deficiencies, soothe, nourish, regenerate, create transformations and organic processes, prevent degeneration, injuries and injuries. They build muscles, participate in the creation of strong and flexible bones, joints – they protect the organs and internal organs, but also create an indestructible immune system. A good example of an unusual supplement is citrulline. What is that? What are its properties? How does it work and what can we expect from its regular delivery to the body?

Citrulline – what is it?

Citrulline remains very often used in the production of pre-workout supplements. It is an organic chemical compound derived from the group of amino acids. It can be said that watermelons are its natural source of origin, although it should be noted that in the case of an intense lifestyle, it is the supplements that contain only the proper, full-value, most full dose of this substance.

The action of amino acid brings surprisingly fast and lasting effects, so let’s talk about it. However, before we get to the details, it’s worth focusing on its exact origin and the way it is obtained. Citrulline is classified in the group of chemical compounds belonging to the group of amino acids. It remains a direct product of the transformation of ornithine, and thus one of the basic amino acids that make up proteins. This substance is considered directly as a derivative of arginine, which makes it used in the production of this substance. It is particularly important that citrulline goes directly to the blood, and therefore works much faster, more efficiently and less invasively.

Citrulline - chemical structure
Citrulline – chemical structure

How does citrulline work?

Due to the fact that citrulline does not participate in any way in the process of protein synthesis, one would think that it is less important. Nothing more wrong! In the hierarchy of values, it really holds a key position, because it is a very important amino acid. Its properties are very beneficial and directly affect our health and daily development.

Citrulline and urea cycle

So what does citrulline show? Above all, it takes part directly in the so-called the urea cycle, by which it leads to neutralization, as well as detoxification of ammonia which is harmful to the body in the excessive concentration. In addition, it improves the functioning of metabolic processes, improves the general blood supply to organs, tissues, skin and muscles, improves production processes of nitric oxide, supports the reduction of lactic acid, thus neutralizing the level of sensibility of so-called. soreness. In addition, it is an effective stopping the worsening of muscle tissue breakdown processes and directly influences the contraction of muscle fibers. Effectively reduces the feeling of tiredness, lack of sleep, anxiety, positively affects the psycho-physical balance and acid-base balance, neutralizes the level of excretion of key elements from the body (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium).

Citrulline and VO2 max

Citrulline is also an excellent oxygen stimulator that deals with the production of energy through muscles and during physical exertion. It regulates blood circulation directly to tissues and speeds up regeneration processes. Its action can be seen most strongly on the example of athletes. They consider citrulline to be the decisive favorite among supplements that best affect their effectiveness. This substance is attributed to the anti-catabolic effect, thanks to which it helps to reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue, and even completely breaks down this disintegration.

Citrulline – for whom?

Its supplementation is recommended, first of all, when we want to reduce the amount of fat in our body, at the same time wanting to bear as little losses in the form of muscle tissue. This means that we do not want to burn muscles, but fat itself. Citrulline is also the cause of maximal efficiency of the body, as well as minimization of tiredness, dementia, insomnia and pain, which is particularly important in sportsmen.   Its use consists of taking pre-workout, for better results, regeneration and achievements. It is best combined with arginine, which we mentioned a bit higher.