Citrulline for a “muscle pump”

The muscular pump is a very desirable effect during intense workouts. There is a large number of compounds and substances responsible for obtaining it. One of them is citrulline, which, however, is not so popular. Our article will try to show you the benefits of using it, and maybe even persuade you to include it permanently in your supplementation

  1. Citrulline – what is it?
  2. Citrulline in the context of strength and endurance
  3. Dosage


  1. Citrulline – what is it?

Citrulline is a chemical compound derived from another, very important preparation – ornithine. In our body, it participates in the urea cycle, where it is responsible for the neutralization of harmful ammonia. This compound is found primarily in dietary supplements, as well as naturally in watermelons.


  1. Citrulline in the context of strength and endurance

Citrulline is the precursor of arginine – a chemical compound responsible for the synthesis of nitric oxide. The latter is the basic condition to obtain a “muscle pump” and also promotes the progression of strenght. It turns out that systematic supplementation of citrulline has great benefits in the form of improved training results. What’s more, this preparation is responsible, inter alia, for the stimulation of post-workout regeneration, assistance in detoxifying the liver and improving the overall performance of our body. The use of citrulline is beneficial primarily for people exercising. The main recipients of the flowing profits its properties are mainly bodybuilders – both amateurs and professionals.


  1. Dosage

Citrulline is taken from 2 to 3 times a day. Each dose should be between 100 and 200 mg. Current research does not indicate any contraindications to its use, and there are no side effects resulting from its supplementation.