Celery provides vitamins, facilitates weight loss, speeds up metabolism

Celery is for many people the basis of many slimming and cleansing diets. Hollywood stars love him. Celery root adds flavour to the soup and can replace salt. Celery is great as an ingredient in various types of salads. All vegetables are low in calories, but celery is the leader here.

Celery is well known to people on a diet and more. What vitamins and minerals does celery contain? Americans and Japanese, who are obsessed with nutrition and celery treatment, have found 86 valuable ingredients in it.

Although the taste does not suggest it at all, there is twice as much vitamin C in this vegetable than in citrus. Depending on the season and storage method, it can have up to 150 mg in 100 g. Celery also contains natural vitamin B complex, including folic acid and vitamin PP. The tuber and bright leaves have little beta-carotene, but the dark green stalks of the variety cultivar will perfectly complement its deficiencies in our body.

Most important benefits of celery
Most important benefits of celery

Just like vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth. He also owes his fame to mineral elements, whose composition facilitates the body’s absorption. Celery has the most phosphorus among root vegetables, a lot of calcium, potassium and zinc, as well as some magnesium and iron.

Celery has medicinal properties

Modern varieties come from wild celery, valued as a medicinal plant by the ancient inhabitants of the Mediterranean. Celery has been used as a sedative since Hippocrates. He was recommended to masters as an aphrodisiac. In the Romans, the image of celery leaf appeared on the coins minted with laurel.

Today we know that a celery diet cleanses the body of toxins contained, among others in food. It stimulates metabolism while removing harmful by-products of this process (e.g. uric acid, which, when not consumed, turns into crystals that accumulate in the joints and cause gout and severe pains). Therefore, eating celery in any form and drinking juice and essential decoction can bring relief to sore joints.

Celery increases the production of bile, but at the same time prevents it from stagnating in the pouch (which causes stones to form). It facilitates digestion and eliminates even constipation resulting from poor eating habits. A diet high in celery is also recommended for people suffering from hypertension. This disease is usually the result of even several causes of poor nutrition, stress, kidney problems, heart load and the entire cardiovascular system. Meanwhile, celery detoxifies the body, helps digest fat, has a diuretic effect, improves kidney and heart function, and soothes stressed nerves.

Celery makes it easier to lose weight

All the benefits of celery work well in slimming diets. This is especially true for celery. This is the youngest variety of this vegetable, bred in Utah, USA in the last century. Brittle stems with a refreshing taste are devoid of stringy fibres. They are great for eating raw – they don’t lose valuable vitamins. You can add them to salads, soups, salads and squeeze the juice out of them.

Root and celery root calories, glycemic index and fibre content

Both root celery and leaf celery have few calories, but when it comes to glycemic index – a key indicator, e.g. in the Montignac diet – differ significantly. The glycemic index informs about the level of glucose in the blood 2-3 hours after eating – if you want to lose weight, you should avoid products with IG higher than 50. The amount of food IG is influenced by, among others heat treatment, therefore raw root celery has IG = 35, but cooked up to 85, slimming people should, therefore, eat raw celery, and not in the form of otherwise healthy soup-cream. Similarly, with celery – it is best to eat it in the form of fresh salads or simply as a snack.

Celery and apple juice – the elixir of youth

Celery juice, combined in equal proportions with apple juice, gives a drink without which no Hollywood star starts the day. A glass of such elixir, drunk on an empty stomach, cleanses the body, eliminates swelling, moisturizes the skin, strengthens the hair and gives the skin a velvety smoothness. Thanks to antioxidants, i.e. vitamins C and E, it protects the skin and the whole body against free radicals, and thus against cancer. It also contains B vitamins.

Apple juice and celery cocktail? Great idea!
Apple juice and celery cocktail? Great idea!

Celery variety and storage

Celery should be fresh and well stored. We can keep the leaves in the fridge for up to a week. It should not be washed before, only wrapped in a plastic bag. The most popular are two varieties of pascal celery – heavy, dark green, sometimes with a veined texture and green leaves, and golden with lighter stems and yellowish leaves. In both varieties, the stems should be firm, undamaged and easily broken. Soft stuff indicates that the date of consumption has passed.