Cardio-aerobic exercises

You want to do something for yourself. You succumb to the pressure of weight loss and the omnipresent dietary regulations. Diet is not everything. You know that body fat burns most effectively when you move. Many trainers recommend aerobic exercises. They help to lose weight, and more importantly, they improve the work of the heart muscle and effectively improve physical performance. Provided that you exercise 3-4 times a week.

Where should we start?

For the exercises to produce the expected results, you must enjoy them. That is why it is best to start training with what you like. Every exercise that raises your pulse is an aerobic exercise. We are talking about bicycle, swimming, aerobics on the steppe and walking.

Our proposition for start:

  • Start training by running for 5 minutes at a steady, slow pace.
  • Then try to run in 2 minutes very fast.
  • Go back to the original pace for another 5 minutes.
  • Repeat the quick run for 2 minutes
  • Run again in 5 minutes
  • Drink plenty of water and rest

The cycle can be repeated in 30-40 minutes.

This is an example of an interval exercise. For a short period of time, you tire your heart out and mobilise for more efficient and faster work. Then you let your heart rest for a longer time. This is a basic exercise that strengthens the heart and engages all the body muscles.

Is it worth it?

Everyone knows that movement is health. However, very often there is a lack of mobilisation. Training is tiring and does not bring the desired results quickly. Usually, it looks like our enthusiasm is quickly fading away and we return to a sedentary lifestyle in the blink of an eye.

American scientists have proved that cardio exercises do not only have a beneficial effect on the functioning of muscles and internal organs. It has been proven to have a clear effect on brain structures. According to scientific reports, if you train 30 minutes 3 times a week, you will improve your memory, concentration and problem-solving ability.

There are many ways to improve your cardio training. Find your most favourite one!
There are many ways to improve your cardio training. Find your most favourite one!

Additional benefits

  • reducing the risk of heart disease, including infarction and coronary heart disease;
  • insomnia reduction
  • growth of endorphins – hormones of happiness
  • stress reduction
  • improving the efficiency of the whole body, including the lungs

We know that you realise that exercise would have a great effect on your health and well-being, but you are short of time. If you’re busy at work, you’re well suited for regular training!

Here are some tips on how to overcome laziness and piles of endless excuses

In the evening, you will certainly not feel like doing tiring exercises. Then you only think about the rest. So get up early. In the morning, fat burning is more intense. Besides, exercises will give you energy and make you feel better for the whole day.

Make a schedule of the day. You will come to the conclusion that you are doing many things that you can use much better. Instead of sitting in front of a computer or TV, take 30 minutes to exercise. This is the best cure for health and beauty.

Stay firmly and consistently on the agenda point by point. Finally, the activities will become a habit!

Never exercise under duress. Create such an atmosphere that you enjoy training. It was the moment you were waiting for. A moment for yourself.

Exercise proposals

1. Cycling

When the weather is good, it is, of course, worthwhile to cycle in the open air. Being among nature provides pleasant emotions. In winter, a stationary bike is most suitable. When cycling, you burn 250-500 calories in 30 minutes and boost the performance of your whole body.

2. Swimming

It is clear that the more parts of your body participate in the training, the faster you burn fat tissue. All muscles work while swimming. Up to 400 calories are burned in 30 minutes of intensive swimming! Many exercises put a strain on your back. Swimming is recommended for all those who suffer from back pain.

3. Walking

Everyone should walk. Especially people suffering from arterial hypertension and heart disease. During 30 minutes of intensive walking, about 180 calories are burned. If you enrich it with climbing up the hill or running, the number of calories burned will increase.


If you exercise to the best of your ability, I guarantee that you will love the sport. You cannot do anything against yourself. Training is for your health and wellbeing. Do not torture yourself. Movement prolongs life and promotes beauty. It is worthwhile to struggle and enter the path of health. Daily life does not have to be monotonous. Exercise makes you feel better in your own body. Start to enjoy life!