Carbo, or rather Carbohydrate supplements – are they worth your attention?

Carbo is a preparation that is underestimated by many, although in fact it has very positive and important properties. Used skilfully, combined with other support substances, it can significantly contribute to spectacular training achievements and much better results. I am also talking about post-workout regeneration, in which Carbo (with help) works perfectly. This is a dietary supplement known rather as a nutrient, which is a preparation made of carbohydrates.

    Why should you use Carbo supplements?

    Its main task is therefore to efficiently and effectively supplement energy deposits in the body, which decrease during intense physical exercise. The composition of Carbo-type nutrients is additionally supported   o vitamins and minerals that significantly improve the smooth absorption and absorption in the body. There are also substances that are enriched with compounds whose nature is similar to the effect of pre-workout boosters. Thanks to them, the effect of the Carbo preparation is subject to additional increase. In addition, the great advantage of carbo-carbohydrate carbohydrate is its relatively low price compared to performance and efficiency – it falls out really well. It is also worth adding that Carbo is intended for everyone, regardless of the level of training advancement, sex or age. Nutrients of this type are present in almost all sports disciplines, they are not one-way products that work only in the gym – on the contrary!

    Our team recommends checking CarboNox from Olimp - it's one of the most complex supplements containing a whole range of carbohydrates
    Our team recommends checking CarboNox from Olimp – it’s one of the most complex supplements containing a whole range of carbohydrates

    When to use carbo?

    Well, supplementation of carbo nutrients is not closed in one particular scheme and has no dimension. Carbohydrate preparations of this type are most fully and best suited as an additional supplementation okołotreningowa, this is the way it is most often used. Her task is to strengthen the efficiency, strength, speed and perception during training, as well as post-workout regeneration.

    Vitamin B (especially B6 and B12), vitamin D, E and K, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and ginseng are added to it. Looking through the perspective of trainee, Carbo can be used:

    • before exercise – then carbohydrates give us the necessary energy and we can exercise more intensively, harder, longer, you can also use it
    • during training – in that case this supplement complements our body with glycogen, consumed during long, intense workouts
    • after training – as an excellent element of regeneration, stress relief, and supplementation of deficiencies.

    Carbo – dosage

    Dosage of Carbo nutrient should be adapted to the description found on the information from the manufacturer. By following the recommendations of specialists, we will be absolutely sure that the supplements we use are fully productive and safe for our health and life. In addition, the calorific value, as well as the macro and micronutrients of supplementation, should be included in the daily caloric demand of your body.

    Carbo – summary

    Carbo, which on a daily basis remains a carbohydrate nutrient with an energy base, in its composition contains mainly carbohydrates. It should be remembered about this regularity and limit their consumption in the diet, because otherwise it may be exaggerated and then not only will not achieve what we expect, but also disturb the effects that we have achieved so far.