Can you build muscles without a gym?

It might seem that the use of sports supplementation directed at the growth of muscles and its growth without the participation of training is impossible.

However, scientific research carried out by Lonz indicates something completely different.Can we treat these types of reports in an objective manner?Let’s look at the study.


The study involved 42 people aged 55 to 70, physically inactive, divided into three groups

The experiment lasted 8 weeks, and every day the participants used a supplement in the form of a sachet, drinking it in the morning with orange juice.


The third group using a combination of creatine, leucine, carnitine and vitamin D3 increased the mass of lean tissue by 1 kg.The third group also increased the isometric strength of the lower limbs.The use of a blend of supplements also significantly increased the mTOR anabolic pathway, raising the content of the molecule in the blood.

Vitamin D3


The use of combined supplementation has contributed to the increase in muscle mass and strength.This effect was associated with the action stimulating the growth of mTOR.More experienced readers know that using only creatine or leucine also contributes to the intensification of anabolic processes without the use of vitamin D3 and carnitine, hence it is safe to say that this type of activity probably showed one of the substances or their combination.


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