Butea monosperma – benefits from the tropics

Tropical forests abound in a number of plants whose properties are not fully understood. One of such organisms is Butea monosperma – tree from the family of fabaceae, which successfully finds its place in broadly understood medicine. If you want to learn more, we invite you to the rest of the text.

  1. Butea monosperma – what is it?
  2. Operation and application of a tropical plant
  3. Supplementation and contraindications


  1. Butea monosperma – what is it?

Butea monosperma is a species of tropical tree belonging to the family of fabaceae, which is found in the areas of southern Asia. Its application is primarily in traditional Indian medicine, but it is successfully used to build wells due to waterproof wood, and in turn the resin is used in Indian cuisine.


  1. Operation and application of a tropical plant

Butea, as mentioned above, is used mainly in the field of medicine. Basic disease entities in which this preparation is used, liver dysfunction, inflammation of the joints and problems with the sexual drive.

The main activities of this plant include

– hair growth support,

– antiparasitic effect,

– anti-estrogenic effect,

– improvement of sexual condition and increase of libido,

– antiseptics and disinfection.


  1. Supplementation and contraindications

The portioning of the preparation depends mainly on the product, in which it is contained. Before you start taking it, it’s worth getting acquainted with the attached leaflet. Lack of adequate information and research results in the fact that currently undesirable side effects are not known from supplementation with this product.

Butea, like most of this type of substance, is contraindicated for use by people with hypersensitivity to this plant.