Bulk for muscle mass!

  1. What is bulk
  2. Bulk – operation
  3. Bulk – dosage
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  1. What is bulk

Bulk is one of the dietary supplements that can be included in the group of gainer preparations. Gainers are called protein-carbohydrate nutrients, which are used by people exercising as an additional support for a high-calorie diet. The characteristic feature of gainers is the carbohydrate content prevailing in relation to protein – in the majority of products offered, their ratio is 41 (ie 80% coals and 20% proteins). These proportions look completely different in the case of bulk nutrients. Their composition is also based on a mixture of proteins and sugars, which in this case were used in a ratio of 11.

The bulk formula, just like the gainer, is based on a complex and complex carbohydrate complex, which ensures a varied absorption time of these ingredients. In the case of protein, in most cases a whey protein concentrate is used. The presence of full-value protein obtained through microfiltration technology provides a rich amino acid profile of the nutrient, which further enhances the properties of the preparation. The composition of bulk nutrients is also often enriched with numerous micronutrients, such as, for example, essential biogenic elements or vitamins. They are additional support for the work of metabolism as well as a valuable complement to our daily diet.Often, a large amount of micronutrients is also intended to facilitate absorption and improve the work of the digestive system by improving the absorption of nutritional values and stimulation of digestive processes.

  1. Bulk – operation

Bulk nutrients are supplements for controlled weight gain as well as the expansion of existing muscle mass. All thanks to the formula based on the aforementioned mix of two fundamental macro-nutrients of every human diet. In the case of protein, it is known from the present that it is the main building block of muscle tissue. Ensuring the adequate supply of protein molecules determines the correct conditions for the growth of our muscles. What’s more, the presence of the whey-rich whey concentrate further facilitates the development of our figure by stimulating anabolic processes.

The use of simple complex carbohydrates causes that bulk is a source of energy with a varied rate of release. Due to the wide absorption spectrum of the carbohydrate fractions used, this type of preparation allows for controlled and even transport of muscle fuel. A one-time dose of bulk protein nutrient in a simple and convenient way can complement the energy losses arising after intense physical exercise. In turn, applying the bullet at the right time before physical exercise is a great way to provide the right amount of energy, which in the case of our muscles will be used to perform even more effective training. How Muscles saturated with carbohydrates gain protection against fatigue and additional strength to apply greater load.

  1. Bulk – dosage

Bulk preparations, as well as other supplements affecting the energy balance of the daily diet, should be used in accordance with the current assumptions of the nutritional plan and the chosen goal. Bull supplementation is directed primarily at people based on a high-calorie diet, in which the amount of food consumed is sometimes difficult to achieve. For this purpose, it is worth buying this preparation, which not only saves us time spent in the kitchen, it is also fast and convenient to prepare.

Manufacturers of dietary supplements also recommend using bulk foods based on the daily dietary calories. For this purpose, we will avoid glaring mistakes, which can lead not only to exceed the daily balance, but also to the aesthetic effect of flooding the silhouette. The suggested amount of preparation should be dissolved in an appropriate amount of skimmed milk or cold water. The prepared drink should be mixed in a shaker and eat immediately after preparation. Supplementary companies recommend that preparations take about 60 minutes before the planned exercise and 30 minutes after the completed exercises on training days. In the case of days off from training, it is usually recommended that the bulk be added to the meals with the lowest calorie. The amount of daily portion, as mentioned before, depends on the total energy balance of the diet.

  1. Bulk – reviews

The popularity of bulk preparations is matched with well-known gainers or commonly used protein supplements. It is worth noting, however, that this preparation is an extremely economical solution for those who do not have a large budget for purchasing the appropriate support in the form of dietary supplements. This is supported by the already defined composition, which is based on wholesome proteins and various carbohydrate fractions. As a result, each serving not only complements our muscles with pro-energy sugar compounds but also covers part of the protein requirement.

Bulk-type supplements are used primarily by exercising people whose goal is to expand the existing mass or build it completely from scratch. To a large extent, they are exercisers who care about a small increase in their weight without unnecessary worries about the aesthetics of the figure. Bulk, mainly due to the characteristic, even proportion of carbohydrates and proteins, prevents the deposition of adipose tissue. It should, of course, be remembered that supplementation always takes place in accordance with the current energy balance.

  1. Bulk – price

Bulk proteincarbohydrate varieties differ in the purchase price. Bulk costs are dictated by criteria similar to those of other dietary supplements – starting from the weight of the preparation itself, through the composition and the additional additives found in it, and ending with the taste of the supplement or the producer’s brand itself.