Bromelain – get to know the power of pineapple!

Bromelain is one of those supplements that can contain a lot of useful issues in the case of our body for both athletes and ordinary people. In this text, I will try to precisely present what exactly is able to do and why it is worth being interested in it.

Bromelain – what it is

Bromelain is an enzyme that digest the protein that is supplied from the pineapple’s stem or fruit. In the fact that both versions differ from each other in terms of enzymatic composition. However, the name ‘bromelain’ is mainly used for the option supplied from the stem of this fruit. It is a combination of various thiol endopeptidases along with other components such as phosphatase, glucosidase, peroxidase or cellulase.

Bromelain – what it can affect

A lot of research on this dietary supplement put forward a thesis that it positively influenced the below aspects

  • fibrinolytic
  • anticoagulants
  • inflammatory

It is used in the treatment of such diseases as angina pectoris, bronchitis, sinusitis, thrombophlebitis. In addition, it is used to treat wounds or as a way to better absorb drugs. In addition, it also alleviates osteoarthritis, diarrhea and various cardiovascular diseases. Let’s look closely at how research confirms some of these important activities.

Circulatory system

In addition to the above mentioned action on angina pectoris, bromelain can positively affect the breakdown of cholesterol plaques. In addition, taking the supplement together with other nutrients can protect against skeletal muscle ischaemia. Most of the studies on the cardiovascular system mainly concerned cases related to diabetes and people with inadequate weight, it is also worth having this fact in mind


In this case, the main aspect is how bromelain can affect our joints and our health. As it is an ordinary supplement, the use of such a solution can be much better than a standard non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. However, one of the studies comparing the two solutions also used on the occasion of trypsin, it is worth to keep this fact in mind


The use of bromelain in the form of a cream can positively affect the speed of treatment of damaged tissues, mainly due to the enzyme “escherase”, which affects it.

In addition to the above-mentioned things, this supplement is also used in the treatment of acute inflammation or sports injuries.

If you want to supplement Bromelain, a option from NOW Foods will be the best possible! High dose of Bromelain from reputable brand? That's what you need!
If you want to supplement Bromelain, a option from NOW Foods will be the best possible! High dose of Bromelain from reputable brand? That’s what you need!


Bromelain certainly looks very interesting, but you still need more research to check exactly how it affects our health. Despite this, it can be quite an interesting supplement for people who try to fight injuries resulting from exercise.