BREAKFAST for losing weight

Are you losing weight, are you a woman who is physically active or in your forties? It is your responsibility to eat a well-composed breakfast. If you have no idea, take advantage of our breakfast set suggestions.

What to eat for the breakfast?

Whole-grain cereal products (wholemeal bread, cereals, muesli) are the best source of complex carbohydrates that the body slowly digests, ensuring a feeling of satiety. Therefore, according to the latest healthy nutrition pyramid, they are the basis of the diet. We should eat them several times a day, starting with breakfast. Whole grain products, in addition to carbohydrates, contain many other beneficial ingredients, e.g. folic acid, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium. It is also a wealth of fibre and wholesome protein if we add some milk there!

Porridge should be the best choice for the breakfast
Porridge should be the best choice for the breakfast

Oat flakes have the greatest nutritional value, more minerals and B vitamins than they do in rye and barley flakes. However, due to their higher fat content, they are more caloric.

Porridge for the breakfast

Traditional porridge can be replaced with muesli, i.e. a mixture of grains, possibly with the addition of dried fruits or nuts, but without sugar, glaze or chocolate. Instead of the usual wheat bun, a wholemeal roll is better for breakfast. But beware, do not suggest with a layer of pumpkin, sunflower or oatmeal flakes as the toppings. Also, the colour can be misleading because some bakery are coloured with the caramel. Real whole grain bread cannot be fluffy, it is moist and heavy, and after cutting it, you can see the grain. Plain bread can be replaced with crisp flour made of coarse flour, preferably rye one. It is richer in nutrients than ordinary wholemeal bread, and its slice contains fewer calories than a slice of ordinary bread.