Bor and its unusual properties

Isolated in 1808, the semi-metal known as boron has found its application in the chemical industry and even nuclear technology. Can this element be another supplement, which should be used without any worries by the practitioners? Our article is designed to bring the subject of this relationship a little closer.

  1. What is hidden under the symbol B?
  2. Application of boron
  3. Operation and occurrence
  4. Supplementation


  1. What is hidden under the symbol B?

Boron is a chemical element naturally occurring in the human skeleton as well as the spleen and thyroid. In terms of chemical structure it is similar to carbon and silicon. There are two main varieties, differing in color

– amorphous brown color,

– crystalline, which is black and very hard.


  1. Application of boron

In the context of sports activity, boron finds its place as a supportive measure for competitors professionally practicing strength and endurance sports or bodybuilding. In addition, it can be successfully used by people exercising amateurly because of their pro-health character.


  1. Operation and occurrence

Boron is a semi -meter with a very wide action in the context of the human body. Among the many benefits of using it, such benefits are mentioned among others

– stimulates the increase of testosterone and estrogen activity,

– prevents osteoporosis and affects the skeletal system by preventing calcium loss,

– has antiseptic and antiviral properties,

– is an element of breast cancer prevention,

– affects the activity of enzymes,

– improves metabolism and metabolism of protein substances.


Natural sources of boron include mainly nuts, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains.


  1. Supplementation

Boron dosage, like most supplements, should be in accordance with the body’s current demand for this element. Studies show that the daily dose of boron should vary from 4 to 10 mg. At the moment, there is no information about contraindications and side effects that result from the use of boron addition products. Before including it in your supplementation, we advise you to consult your doubts with a specialist doctor.