Boldo – properties

Boldo. A little known tree, in South America, where it comes from, popular because of its magical properties. In Peru, Chile and Brazil, Boldo tree extract has been used in natural medicine for a long time. The South American Indian tribes burn the leaves of this wonderful plant for all digestive and urinary diseases. They are used as a spice and are added to liqueur, tea and coffee tinctures. Also popular is yerba mate with the leaves of Boldo tree. You will find them in varieties such as Cachamate Rosa, Colon Compuesta Menta Boldo, Cruz de Malta Boldo Menta, Selecta Doble Sabor or Selecta Silueta.

Boldo acts as a relaxing agent.

It has antispasmodic properties, reduces the tension of smooth muscles of the intestines, urinary and biliary tract. It is also recommended for elderly people with rheumatic and joint pains and breastfeeding mothers.

Boldo for the digestive tract

Boldo is recommended for people with liver, stomach and intestinal complaints. It is used in case of intestinal, hepatic and gallbladder colic. It is recommended to take it during gallstones and jaundice. Additionally, it is helpful in the treatment of long-term and chronic constipation, digestive disorders, especially in case of lack of appetite.

Boldo for liver

It stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and bile in the liver and facilitates its flow to other internal organs, This speeds up metabolism, facilitates digestive processes and improves nutrient absorption,
It has hepatoprotective properties that protect the liver walls against internal toxins and the adverse effects of free radicals.

Boldo is a great cure for urinary tract diseases.

It is particularly helpful for bladder infections with protozoa, parasites and fungi. It has strong bactericidal and fungicidal properties, it also has a diuretic effect, dissolves unnecessary metabolic compounds in the urine, thanks to which the secretion of toxins from the body is increased, restores appropriate peristaltic movements of the urinary and digestive systems.

Where to find it?

There is no problem in finding inexpensive boldo-based preparations, which usually in combination with other active ingredients form digestive tract supporting supplements.