Boldenone, muscle growth and hormonal profile

Boldenone was patented in 1949 (CIBA). He was one of the most commonly used hormonal formulators in the 1980s, he is in eighth place, just behind primobolan and winstrol. Until today boldek is willingly used, as evidenced by an avalanche of doping injuries in MMA, weightlifting and other sports. 

The studies evaluated the effect of the influence of boldenone undecylenate (BOL) on the growth, behavior, hormone concentration and carcass characteristics of rabbits. Sixty healthy male New Zealand rabbits, 5 weeks old, were assigned to 3 equal groups. 

They have been assigned to groups 

The end of the study took place 4 weeks after the last injection (in the 16th week of animal life). 



Applications boldenone at a dose of 5 mg / kg body weight (i.e., 500 mg for a person weighing 100 kg) has a pronounced effect on the concentration of testosterone and estradiol. If 2 boldenone injections were administered (once 5 mg / kg body weight), testosterone dropped by 41.6% every three weeks, followed by 3 boldenone injections (5 mg / kg body weight), every two weeks (at 8, 10 and Week 12) testosterone levels decreased by 44.6%. Regarding estradiol, boldenone induced a 58.3% increase (at 5 mg / kg body weight, every three weeks), while estradiol increased by 85.3% with 5 mg / kg boldenone body weight every two weeks. According to Llewellyn, methanabol has a medium estrogenic activity, a small boldenone. As it turns out, with higher dosages one can expect increased side effects, estrogenic. Llewellyn wrote that one can expect a half less aromatization when administering boldenone compared to testosterone. 


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