BODY DETOX or how to remove toxins from the body

A large amount of artificial food and medicines makes our bodies lose the ability to self-cleanse of toxins. Therefore, you need to help yourself in this process by following a proper diet and restoring the biological balance of the intestinal flora. One of the best methods of removing toxins is the body detox treatment developed by the English doctor Mary Staggs.

How’s with those toxins?

Toxins in the body come from everything we eat and breathe. We are unable to guard them. That is why it is important to help the body get rid of toxins. Most of the food we eat is highly processed, full of preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes. In addition, widespread drug abuse does not improve the biological balance of the intestinal flora. This leads to imbalances in the internal human microecosystem. That is why our body loses its natural ability to self-cleanse from toxins and it is worth supporting it regularly in this process.

Cleansing the body of toxins take care of the liver

Neutralization of toxins in the liver is associated with the processes of their oxidation and combination with various organic substances. The idea is to allow them to be excreted into the bile or urine. Oxidation of toxins is a process that generates additional free radicals. Hence the greater need for antioxidants. An additional factor increasing the demand for antioxidants in the liver with increased detoxification is increased consumption of glutathione and a decrease in its amount in the cell.

Eat a rainbow and detox yourself naturally!
Eat a rainbow and detox yourself naturally!

Glutathione is consumed for conjugation with toxins and irretrievably lost. It must therefore be synthesized again. It is a very important molecule in the process of removing free radicals. The increase in the level of free radicals causes the inhibition of the energy production process needed for detoxification processes, including for regeneration of glutathione. Therefore, to carry out liver detoxification, you need to provide the right amount of glutathione. Glutathione alone can hardly be supplemented. It must be synthesized in the cell.

Proven help in getting rid of toxins or body detox

One of the best methods of removing toxins is the body detox treatment developed by the English doctor Mary Staggs. This method is based on the Chinese philosophy of energy as the essence of life and water. The Detox System device invented by Staggs uses the principle of using controlled electrical currents to treat a variety of conditions and is widely used.

Thanks to special programs and it produces a suitably modulated current with variable polarity that causes water ionization. Feet are immersed in water and through the pores – about 2000 on each foot – a quick and effective process of energizing the body occurs.

Stimulated in this way, cells begin to work properly, which translates into immediate intensive secretion of toxins and other harmful substances into the blood. These substances are then transferred and excreted through the pores of the feet into the water. Intensive excretion of toxins and heavy metals occurs mainly through physiological fluids, which continues for some time after completing a series of treatments. A properly working organism simultaneously draws from the water much better the necessary substances and microelements.