Body care after pregnancy

After giving birth, you could feel a little weak, you face many problems, such as stretch marks, cellulite, not very firm skin and many more. Body care after delivery is very important. How to take care of yourself to get back in shape and feel good in your skin again?

Positive Thinking

Pregnancy is a happy 9 months waiting period for a baby. However, during this time your body changes a lot and your body is exhausted. Having a baby is a huge effort for your body. Look at yourself more favourably and think positively, and soon everything will return to normal! All remnants of pregnancy will not disappear immediately. Proper care after delivery and rest will, however, make you feel better after a few weeks.


Childbirth is a great effort for a woman, certainly. During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes a lot. After the birth of the child, hormones return to normal, all wounds heal, abdominal muscles contract – everything returns to a state before pregnancy. Therefore, for several weeks you should rest and allow your body to regenerate without pushing it.

Enjoy every free moment, sleep in every possible moment. It is known that you do not have much time, but allow yourself a moment of rest while your child is sleeping, or when grandparents or dad take care of your baby. Nothing will happen if you don’t cook dinner or clean the house once in a while. Rest is the most important thing!

Body care after delivery

During pregnancy, your skin stretches and you gain some weight, which is why stretch marks or cellulite may appear on it. To fight these two ailments, use firming and anti-cellulite balms twice a day.

Additionally, in the shower, massage the skin with a glove or a sponge for massage. Perform the massage for about 5 minutes in circular motions. Thanks to this, you will stimulate circulation, and if you do massage regularly, you will tone your skin.

For a better effect, perform a whole-body peeling 1 to 3 times a week (remember that the bust has softer skin, so don’t use coarse peeling on it – it’s best if you skip this part of the body at all). The combination of all these treatments will reduce stretch marks and get rid of the cellulite.

When it comes to breast care, massage them with a stream of water. In the time of the massage change its temperature from cold to warm one. Also, you can do gentle breast massage with circular movements using olive, avoiding warts. After pregnancy, your breasts are swollen, so wear a fitted and comfortable bra with wide straps.

When it comes to belly care – it’s best if you start it already during pregnancy. It will make the skin elastic, which will be properly moisturized. After birth, continue to care. To quickly eliminate the fold that formed after delivery, you can start wearing a tightening belt. It will support abdominal muscles, prevent the formation of new stretch marks. However, remember that the belt will not replace abdominal exercises that are weakened by pregnancy and childbirth.

Physical activity is also very important when returning to form and a beautiful body. Exercises during the puerperium will accelerate the regeneration of the body and strengthen weak muscles. However, it is best to first consult with your doctor. The speed at which you can do exercise depends on the type of delivery, your health and condition.

Yoga is great type of physical activity recommended during and after pregnancy
Yoga is great type of physical activity recommended during and after pregnancy

Certainly, the physical activity at the beginning should not be intense. You can start your training with exercises for Kegel muscles, then add stretching and a warm-up. After a few weeks, you will be able to go to the pool and train your abdominal and back muscles. Remember to consult every activity with our physician!