Blue Up – influences the increase of the free endogenous testosterone fraction

Blue Up is another specialty of the well-known manufacturer – Controlled Labs. In this case, we are dealing with a supplement belonging to the group of testosterone boosters.The preparation, however, has a more advanced effect than the popular means of this type.Blue Up influences the increase of the free endogenous testosterone fraction in a completely natural way.Why?Because only free testosterone, unrelated to any protein, has biological activity.The ingredients contained in the preparation are targeted, among otherson limiting the action of SHBG, or globulin binding sex hormones.


  1. Blue Up – composition
  2. Blue Up – availability
  3. Blue Up – price
  4. Blue Up – dosage
  5. Blue Up – warning


  1. Blue Up – composition

The supplement has a unique composition, and each of its elements has a slightly different meaning.

Ground creepers

This plant known in Poland was often used in Indian and Chinese natural medicine. Terrestrial crabs are widely recognized as a strengthening agent. Some cultures see him as a strong aphrodisiac. The terrestrial mole strongly stimulates the sex drive. Until now, in some parts of the world he was used to treat, among othersinfertility and impotence.In addition, he was also treated with coughing, kidney disease and cardiological ailments. Currently, the terrestrial terrestrial extract is used as a component of supplements belonging to the group of testosterone boosters. Scientific research confirms its effectiveness in this area.


Grain, which in the way desired by the producer affects SHBG, which in an indirect way can have a positive effect on the amount of free testosterone circulating in the blood.

Malaysian ginseng

Eurycoma longifolia is currently one of the gaining popularity, it is used to increase libido.In Asia it is widely known as a strong aphrodisiac.It is recommended to use it in the winter months because it can improve immunity.

Natural caffeine

A chemical compound that affects arousal.It has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system.

  1. Blue Up – availability

The Blue Up supplement is widely available in online stores for bodybuilders and athletes. We can also find it in good selling points for athletes’ nutrients all over the country. There is also a version of the drug without stimulants.

  1. Blue Up – price

In online stores, we can easily find the Blue Up supplement. It is most often sold in packs of 60 capsules. The price of the drug varies from PLN 75 to even PLN 100. Often, in stationary stores is a little more expensive.

  1. Blue Up – dosage

The supplement manufacturer has limited the dosing of the drug for training and non-training days.The suggested daily dose is 1-2 capsules. They should be eaten about 30-60 minutes before training. On days intended for rest, it is worth using only versions without stimulants, e.g. 30 minutes after breakfast. The label is marked to not exceed the recommended daily dose.

  1. Blue Up – warning

The leaflet contains several contraindications to the use of the Blue Up supplement. These include pressure problems and excessive obesity. Persons suffering from these conditions should first consult their doctor. The producer also warns against the use of the supplement by persons under the age of eighteen.