Blackcurrant juice makes you feel better!

Consuming blackcurrant juice gives us the opportunity to increase physical activity because the training becomes less tiring. The phenomenon occurs due to the phenolic compounds contained in the fruit, whose action has an effect on raising the level of dopamine in the brain. Such conclusions were drawn by scientists from New Zealand, working in  Research Plant & Food Research Institute.


Participants in the study were asked to walk for a long time, until tired. An hour after the start – some of the subjects drank a glass of placebo and the other half a glass of blackcurrant juice. Admittedly, the respondents used a proprietary product based on concentrated blackcurrant juice, but the research itself was funded by New Zealand’s governmental sources. The experimental group provided about 5 mg of Ellagic acid is an example of phenolic compound per 1 kg of body weight in a glass of juice.

Ellagic acid is an example of phenolic compound
Ellagic acid is an example of phenolic compound


People who drank blackcurrant juice walked (on average) longer by 11 minutes and thus covered more kilometres. These results were not statistically significant. Researchers noticed, however, that those who used the juice had a more stable mood and less fatigue.

Black currants reduced the activity of the monoamine oxidase-B (MAO-B) enzyme in platelets in the subjects. It should be noted that MAO-B corresponds to, among others for the breakdown of dopamine in the brain, which is why its lower activity translates into higher dopamine levels.


Drinking blackcurrant juice an hour before exercise can be a good way to significantly improve your well-being during training. What’s more, these types of activities can translate directly into the result of our activity, because feeling better, we are more willing to make an effort. What’s more, blackcurrant juice can be used as an MAO-B enzyme inhibitor, which in turn will support people who have problems with low mood.

We are waiting for the blackcurrant extract!