Birth control pills

Precise knowledge of contraception is a chance for a child to appear in the most optimal conditions for the proper development of time and time.We live in a time when contraceptive pills have become the most frequently chosen method of contraception.The period of enormous popularization of the marriage calendars, or intermittent relations in a sense, is already behind us.

The dream of many women is contraception, which will allow free sexual contact, without physical discomfort, in the form of pain or hypersensitivity of intimate places, as is usually the case with mechanical contraceptives.Unfortunately, when using contraceptive pills, you can not forget about the mechanisms of their action.

The contraceptive pill is a very complex hormonal specific, which strongly affects the woman’s nervous system.They have a strong effect on the pituitary gland in such a way that they completely change and reverse the hormonal order of ovarian function.This preparation prevents the growth of the ovarian follicle.It blocks the secretion of oestrogens by the ovaries.All this causes that in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, the effect of the yellow-bodied hormone, or luteinization, occurs.Normally luteinization occurs after ovulation in the second half of the cycle.

The effectiveness of contraception methods is assessed according to the Pearl index.This indicator informs us how many pregnancies will occur in 100 women using the contraceptive method in one year.The lower the Pearl index, the more effective the contraceptive method is.The contraceptive pill has the lowest Pearl Index, corresponding to 0.01-0.02.


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Types of contraceptive pills

Two-component contraceptive pill

These are tablets that contain estrogen and progesterone in different doses depending on their type and type.Contraceptive pills based on the composition of two hormones cause

We divide these two-component into single-phase, two-phase and three-phase tablets.

Monophasic tablets otherwise called monophasic

These are tablets that in the pack all tablets contain the same amount of hormones.

Three-phase contraceptive pills

These are pills in which the packet contains three types of tablets with different hormone content.The middle series usually contains an increased dose of estrogen, and subsequent series contain increasing doses of progestagens.

Two-phase tablets have different hormone doses depending on the day of the cycle – currently not used.

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Disadvantages of using birth control pills

The contraceptive pill also gives you the possibility of side effects and related side effects.The most common are included

Contraindications to the use of contraceptive pills

The contraceptive pills are only available on prescription, as they can be prescribed by a gynecologist after careful examination of the woman and the exclusion of contraindications to hormonal contraception.

Research to be performed by a woman deciding on hormonal contraception

Before proper hormonal contraception is given, appropriate laboratory tests should be performed.Dear Lord, this is about contraception

For laboratory tests that should be performed by a woman deciding on hormonal contraception belong

In addition, the gynecologist is required to carry out an accurate interview with the patient in the direction of diagnosing and the risk of liver disease, thromboembolism, female cancer in the patient’s family, smoking and other effects on the use of tablets.

An important test before taking hormonal contraception is to perform cytological examination, ultrasound of reproductive organs and breast examinations.

Contraception and the pleasure of being a woman

Hormonal contraception frees a woman from constant fear of unwanted pregnancy, gives the possibility of pleasant bodily contact.It allows you to plan your family and to get rid of unpleasant signs of being a woman, in the form of menstrual tension, late menstruation, or too heavy bleeding.

First steps towards contraception

Contraception had already been used in antiquity, although it had no connection with security.Women who did not want to get pregnant were spreading the inside of the vagina with crocodile dung.They believed that this specificity would prevent the passage of sperm.

Somewhat different views on the world of contraception had the Soranus of Ephesus, who was a Greek physician who lived in the 2nd century AD.He recommended women to lubricate intimate places with ginger and pomegranate fruit.

The condom began to appear in the 16th century.It was made of skin and intestines of animal origin.Their creator was an Italian doctor, Falloppio.

In the 1940s, studies have shown that injections with a dose of progesterone inhibit ovulation in animals.An excellent specialist in the field of mammalian reproduction in 1950, he began research on an oral contraceptive.In our country, the first birth control pill was introduced in 1966.

Other methods of contraception

Considering the variety of factors preventing the use of hormonal contraception in the form of tablets, it is worth to learn about other methods of contraception.

Here they are

Intrauterine insert – spiral -Plowers sperm motility.Recommended for women who did not give birth.The spiral is worn during menstruation.It can be used up to 7 years.

Injection – He inhibits ovulation.It is given once every three months.Sperm movement is hampered by thickened mucus in the vagina.

Patch – Plaster stick to the skin of the buttock or arm on the first day of bleeding.After a week, we glue the new one.After three weeks, we take a week off.It prevents ovulation

Vaginal ring -Has ovulation and thickens mucus.We put the ring on the day of the menstrual period and remove it after 3 weeks.Before the next assumption, we make a week’s break.

The condom -The man puts it on before the intercourse.It is a mechanical barrier that prevents sperm from entering the cervical canal.

Thermal method -Performs fertility based on daily temperature measurements.The woman’s fertility lasts from 6 days preceding the temperature rise to 3 days after the jump.

The cycle observation calendar – matrimonial -The blank for most does not guarantee security, therefore it has not been used for a long time.

Tip -That we should not forget about is the fact that only a condom is a fairly effective method of preventing sexually transmitted diseases.No other contraception will protect us from disease.

At the end, it should be emphasized that only the doctor can decide on what contraception will he recommend.Only the doctor may order the performance of relevant tests and do not agree to a specific type of contraception.Therefore, when reading this article, be aware that it is only informative reading.


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