Beta-alanine and the capability to exercise

In terms of dietary supplements, many people find their favourites at the beginning of the adventure with training. One of them may be even beta-alanine, which has achieved quite a big success in terms of how it can help exercise. Why is this so? I invite you to the text in which I will try to present the possibilities of its use.

Beta-alanine – what it is

Beta-alanine is a non-protein amino acid that is formed endogenously in the liver. In addition, people need beta-alanine by eating poultry and meat. The ergogenic properties of this amino acid are quite limited in terms of independent action. However, beta-alanine has been identified as a precursor to the synthesis of carnosine and it has been indicated that it increases the level of carnosine in skeletal muscle. There is a lot of research into whether beta-alanine is able to affect our ability to perform the exercise and performance. Let’s see how it looks exactly.

Beta Alanine chemical formulation
Beta Alanine chemical formulation

Beta-alanine and the ability to exercise and performance

The main task of one of the studies was to confirm whether our supplement is actually able to support our training in terms of physical performance and the final effect. This has been tested by both amateurs and professionals to be sure on who we will actually see the best effect.

The result of research

The result of the research showed that supplementation with beta-alanine had a very positive effect on our training, especially when we talk about acting on the length of the exercises. An important issue here is the time to perform particular exercises. In the case of very short duration (less than 0.5 min), no significant corrections were detected. However, for long-term training (over 10 minutes) also the improvement was not noticed as significant. It can be deduced from this that it is best to do exercises with an average duration (0.5-10 min) where we will see a significant effect of beta-alanine on our body.

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Cheap and effective beta alanine? Beta alanine from MZ Store!

As regards the operation of the supplement for people who have been training for a long time, the thesis that beta-alanine did not affect them was created. In the described study, however, it was noticed that the conditioner affects in a very similar way both amateurs and professionals, however, progress may be more visible in people who do not sit tight in bodybuilding.

In terms of dosage, we do not receive specific information, however, we can learn that the amount of beta-alanine used has no direct effect on efficacy because even such a low dose as 1.6 g / day for two weeks can affect the level of muscle carnosine.


Beta-alanine certainly looks very positive for people who do not have much training experience and exercise for up to 10 minutes. Of course, more experienced people also have a chance to take advantage of the beneficial abilities of the supplement, but it is worth having this fact in mind.