Beta-alanine – action, dosage, opinions

Beta-Alanine has recently become a very popular supplement. The mass of benefits and simplicity, or the speed of its work indicates that it is currently one of the most popular forms of sports support. Beta-Alaniny is used by bodybuilders and recreational trainers at the gym. It is also successfully used by athletes of any other discipline.


What is Beta-Alanine?

It is a chemical compound from the group of amino acids, an Alpha-Alanine derivative, whose amino group is in the molecule with Beta carbon. This modification is, however, a strong precursor to carnosine – an important substance that is an element of muscle tissue.

Beta-Alanine occurs mainly in typical protein products, ie meat, eggs, dairy and nuts and beans. Unfortunately, the content in food products is so low that the athlete’s body is not able to directly feel its action.

Beta-Alanine is currently used as a single form of a sports supplement and as a component of post-training preparations.


Beta-Alanine – action

Beta-Alanine is a component of carnosine. This in turn buffers the pH drop associated with the formation of lactic acid in the muscles during exercise. Accepting Beta-Alanine in this way reduces the feeling of physical fatigue. Beta-Alanine by increasing the amount of carnosine gives a great anti-catabolic effect and accelerates regeneration. It increases the level of nitrogen and sugars transported between the liver and muscles. During regular supplementation, there is an increased transport of nutrients. As a result of the systematic use of Beta-Alanine, the efficiency of our body will improve.

The high amount of carnosine in our body brings a number of further benefits. It improves muscle contractility, which in turn creates better stimulation conditions during training. As a result, we have more opportunities to build muscle mass and strength. An intensively working muscular system also allows you to burn more calories in the same unit of time.

Often, mention is made of the positive effects of carnosine associated with the improvement of the quality of the skin, hair and nails. Certain studies clearly show that the level of carnosine in human drastic times has dropped drastically, causing earlier aging and sometimes illness.

Who should use Beta-Alanine?

Beta-Alanine can be successfully used by anyone, starting with people who want to build muscle mass, reduce body weight, build strength or increase endurance / performance. Every sportsman, regardless of the type of physical activity, will benefit from the increased level of carnosine. In the case of building mass or muscle strength, it increases the transport of nutrients and accelerates the superstructure. During the reduction it will save catabolism and allow for “better” use of sugars.

Beta-Alanine is now accepted in practically all sports and performance-speed sports, ie running, swimming, martial arts, etc. Athletes of the above disciplines do not care about building too much muscle mass, but on maximizing muscle efficiency while maintaining adequate (usually low) body weight. Beta-Alanine only affects the development of dry body mass, without causing the accumulation of unnecessary water (as, for example, when using creatine).

The increase of strength and efficiency is much faster as a result of Beta-Alanine, than the increase of muscle mass.


Beta-Alanine – dosage

Research suggests that to get a lasting improvement in sports performance, the optimal dose of Beta-Alanine should be between 3 and 7 grams per day. Any amount below may not allow you to feel the benefits, while a dose above this value in no way will increase it, leading to waste of substance.

Beta-Alanine can also be given as 0.5-0.8g per 10kg of body weight (for example, a person weighing 80kg should take 4 to 6.4g per day)

In addition to the amount of substance, the time of eating Beta-Alanine will also be very important. We will get the best benefits by dividing the daily dose into two and taking it before and after training (after training it is worth adding carbohydrates that will be definitely better used for regeneration purposes). On non-workout days, you can drive supplementation at any time, dividing the daily amount into 2-3 servings.


Beta-Alanine – side effects of use

A lot of research has been done on Beta-Alanine, usually focusing on the positive effects of supplementation. Given the popularity of this agent, it has also been tested for side effects. At the maximum recommended daily dose, even for many months, no lasting negative effects were found.

The only possible side effect of using Beta-Alanine is the feeling of stinging and burning (commonly called the tingling) in various parts of the body, usually on the skin of the face or hand. Sometimes delicate red spots also appear. Appears about 10-15min after consuming the supplement and can last up to a maximum of 2 hours. After this time it completely disappears. This is related to the activation of nerve receptors embedded under the skin. The way to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon will be to divide the daily dose into a larger number of portions. This effect, however, is recognized by the practitioners as “preparation” for action and means that Beta-Alanina is already circulating in our bloodstream.

The first permanent benefits can be seen already after 2 weeks of regular supplementation.


Beta-Alanine – summary

Beta-Alanine is a revolutionary supplement that can be used by anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance. It brings with it a number of positive effects

– delays tiredness, which allows us to train longer

– accelerates post-workout regeneration

– improves aerobic fitness (condition)

– increases the range of muscle contractility (training performance and strength increase)

– it has an effect on building lean muscle mass

– reduces damage to muscle fibers during intense workouts

Thanks to the above benefits, we can confidently say that Beta-Alanina’s operation is very versatile. You can add it to constant supplementation regardless of the training goal or type of physical activity.