Beta-alanine – 4 ways to slow muscle fatigue

Beta-alanine, i.e. 3-aminopropionic acid, is an organic chemical compound, an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of carnosine. It is formed in the liver as a result of the breakdown of uracil. Her high position on the list of popular supplements among people training in the gym gained due to the fact that without it, it would be impossible to synthesize carnosine. It has a direct effect on lowering the pH. This process is extremely useful especially at the time of intense effort and the formation of lactic acid in muscle fibers. Below you will learn 4 ways how beta-alanine can delay muscle fatigue.


  1. Beta-alanine may delay fatigue

The use of beta-alanine, as we already know, affects the increased synthesis of carnosine. This in turn is a significant limitation for the production of lactic acid in the muscles. It naturally occurs in

– fast-twitch muscles, used in particular for intense, short-term exercise, such as sprints

– the brain

– heart

– kidneys

– stomach

The conducted research confirmed the assumption that systematic supplementation may increase the abilities of the person performing the exercise by up to several percent, which is a very promising result, especially in endurance sports. The effect is due not only to carnosine, but also to the improvement of the quality of peptide bonds in muscle fibers.

  1. Beta-alanine may increase the level of carnosine

Carnosine will not only reduce the pH. As a result of its action, we also observe improved results in a short, intense effort, improvement in muscle fiber contractility, as well as an effect on increasing the intensity and length of training. Since we owe so many benefits to carnosine, it would be logical to take the compound directly. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the fact that carnosine in the stomach disintegrates and will not do anything during exertion. It is therefore necessary to provide beta alanine, which together with histidine form this compound.

The reduction of lactic acid production in the muscles is directly related to the reduction of fatigue during training. We will not feel it so badly, and during the effort we will be able to exercise longer, with the same intensity and effectiveness, without observing the tendency to decrease in endurance.


  1. Beta-alanine works in addition to creatine

Creatine affects the much faster reconstruction of ATP molecules by phosphorylation of ADP. Thanks to this, muscles do not get tired as quickly as in the case of lack of supplementation with this compound. It is one of the most popular nutrients that increase strength, endurance and faster training results.

Research shows that the use of creatine with beta alanine positively affects the activity of both supplements. Taken together, these two supplements cause a much faster increase in lean muscle mass while losing fat. Beta alanine is therefore a support for muscles built with creatine


  1. Beta alanine works on women

Good information for the fair sex is the fact that the supplement also works for women. Although the studies on the effects of beta-alanine in women are not as developed as in the case of men, it has proved its effectiveness.

Due to the lower muscle mass, it is recommended to use 2-6g per day, with about 3g of the supplement considered to be the optimal dose.

Although the effect is confirmed, we must take into account possible side effects observed even if the recommended dose of beta-alanine is not exceeded. There are, among others, tingling and limb numbness, as well as raising skin temperature and feeling of heat. Complaining about the side effects they mentioned about the feeling of passing electricity. However, there is no reason to worry. This is related to the activation of nerve receptors embedded under the skin. These symptoms disappear after a dozen or so minutes.