Beginner – CROSSFIT

In the previous article I made a simple training plan – designed for beginners, although it could be suitable also for intermediate-level ones. Due to technical complications, exercises such as wastes and throws require a few months of study. The version made with single-piece is a bit simpler than the one on the banner. If you are just starting your adventure with strength training, the crossfit model does not have to meet your expectations. These types of plans are supposed to improve efficiency (endurance in aerobic and anaerobic zone), contribute to fat reduction, improve coordination and efficiency. The increase in strength and muscle mass will be less than in the case of classic split or FBW training. 


We start crossfit – a metabolic complex! 



We start crossfit – a reminder of training methods and a simple scheme 



How to reconcile fire with water, that is, build muscle mass / strength and at the same time improve endurance? 



We can do it in many different ways. 



Monday – FBW 



Tuesday – CROSSFIT 



Wednesday – FREE 



Thursday – FBW 



Friday – FREE 



Saturday – CROSSFIT 



Sunday – FREE 


In the above diagram, we place two FBW trainings and two crossfit sessions. Attention does not mean better! Most people starting trainings plan 6-10 sessions a week (strength training, running, swimming, martial arts). In addition, many beginners are going (next to the training) to perform crunches, push-ups and squats without load! Not only will you not achieve mass and strength gains (muscles grow when you rest, not when you exercise!), But you will quickly overtrain and / or get injured. Remember that you have to include every additional activity in the diet. Physical work (especially in unfavorable conditions such as cold) means energy costs, running, swimming, martial arts can slow down gains in muscle mass and strength. If after the effort you do not regenerate properly, look for reasons for too little sleep and poor nutrition (too little calories or bad proportions of macronutrients). 

As a beginner, do not plan more than 4 training sessions a week. What’s more, you should also come to this nominal load gradually, checking the tolerance for effort – start with 2 FBW trainings, crossfit sessions gradually. It should be taken into account that the intense strength training performed after the break on Monday may prevent a crossfit session on Tuesday (worsening of pain – muscular micro-injuries)