Be an Omega!

Omega 3 and 6 – sounds mysterious?Today, it should not be in principle, because both of these nutrients have become home to the food industry, and thus also to our kitchen.Why did this happen and in which products can we find them?

Alpha, beta … Omega? It’s long known that milk and its products are rich in many nutrients, and thus constitute an important element of a healthy diet.However, much less people know that the pro-health values ​​of dairy products are now even higher.

In addition to vitamins A, B2, D, protein, potassium and calcium, you can find in them beneficial Omega 3 and 6 acids, belonging to the NNKT group, that is, essential unsaturated fatty acids.

Gold Omega-3 Sport Edition

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are ingredients that the human body can not produce on its own – that is why, in order to maintain full health, we should take them every day with food.They perfectly support the body’s immune system, work of the brain and nervous system, and – which is very important in the era of civilization diseases – help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

To all owe the Eskimos?

The richest in omega 3 and 6 food products are fish and seafood.This is one of the reasons for the high health of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, where diets are a permanent element.Eskimos are certainly not an issue in this respect – for them, fish and seafood are the basis of nutrition and the source of almost all nutrients, including omega 3 and 6. Thanks to this, residents ofItaly, Greece and France, as well as citizens Greenland is much less likely to suffer from heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and is much more resistant.

Devotees of sea delicacies from countries in the rich do not have much to worry about.It’s different – our diet is usually quite poor in beneficial fatty acids, and fish and seafood are rarely found on our tables.Besides – not everyone is a fan of their specific taste.Here is a serious problem if not a fish, so what?

With the help of all those who have at heart both their own health and family members, the dairy industry has come.Thanks to dairy products containing acids from the omega 3 and 6 family, we can enrich our daily diet with valuable and necessary flavors to maintain health.

Fish Oil 1000mg

Dairy revolution

Technologists from the Ostrołęka Dairy Cooperative have developed an innovative technology for the production of dairy products – butter, cream and cheese, enriching their composition with a suitably selected amount of EFA. \ N- This method turned out to be revolutionary, because – unlike other, present on our market products – the acids used in it are derived not from marine fish but from linseed oil – explains Anna Głażewska, chief technologist of SML “Ostrołęka.

Beneficial ingredients contained in linseed oil have confirmed pro-health effects – includingthey support our immune system, counteract atherosclerosis, heart attack and hypertensive disease, support digestive processes, activate metabolism.

3 to 6 – because the proportion counts

The secret of the beneficial effects of products containing omega 3 & 6 acids lies also in the use of their appropriate proportions.

The modern diet, rich in highly processed products, is characterized by a significantly elevated level of omega 6 fatty acids, with simultaneous deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids. Such their ratio significantly affects the properties of both acids, which then act adversely, disrupting the basic physiological processes occurring in the living body.

What is the reason?Due to the lack of a suitable enzyme (convertase), our body’s cells are not able to convert the omega 6 acid molecule into omega 3. Therefore, the proportions depend on success – for example, those used in the new pro-health line of omega 3 and 6 products , offered by SML “Ostrołęka which consists of butter, cheese, cottage cheese, processed cheese and cream.


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Let’s now take care of your health in a good way … with Omega acids!

Butter with omega 3 + 6 acids is the first of this type of pro-health product with an added proportion of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids for health. The cream used for production has the highest quality, butter contains 82% milk fat.


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