BCAA Xtra – BCAA amino acids for every athlete

All practitioners need a proper portion of BCAA amino acids.This is a matter that is relatively often forgotten, and athletes should remember that the body also needs substances appearing in it in relatively small amounts, such as BCAA amino acids.In the BCAA Xtra supplement, the BCAA amino acids are the dominant component.


  1. BCAA Xtra and anabolism
  2. BCAA Xtra versus catabolism
  3. BCAA Xtra – typical dosage


  1. BCAA Xtra and anabolism

Amino acids from the BCAA group are very unusual amino acids, the body can not synthesize them by itself. BCAA amino acids are associated with muscle building processes, which is very important for athletes.

Anabolism is a phenomenon that is very well associated with every person who trains.If we were to point out one phenomenon, which always depends on all people training, it is just building muscles.The first task of BCAA Xtra is to provide the body with the right amount of BCAA amino acids.

The process of building muscles is, for the most part, a mechanism consisting in the assembly of a series of amino acids that together form a protein.Then the protein is placed in the right place, which results in the formation of muscle fiber, and this in turn is part of the muscles.This process can be accelerated in many ways.The simplest of them is to provide a large amount of proteins similar to muscle proteins, thanks to which the body does not have to work too long to obtain a protein with an ideal form.This significantly speeds up the process of laying new proteins in the right place.

The amino acids in the BCAA Xtra supplement are used as muscle proteins.The body works much better when there are more amino acids.The process of assembling new proteins occurs much faster.


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  1. BCAA Xtra versus catabolism

Catabolism is a phenomenon opposite to anabolism.It occurs as a result of the body’s problems with finding the right amount of resources necessary for proper muscle work.This is usually associated with the need to regenerate muscles after training. During the training, especially the more intense, there are minor muscle injuries.

These injuries must be repaired so that the muscle can quickly return to normal work.The problem occurs when the muscle does not have enough spare substances.This is usually the result of an incorrect diet and insufficient supply of nutrients.With good nutrition, regeneration processes should take place without problems.

If the muscles do not find them directly in the bloodstream, they start to look for them in the muscle tissue, so the body proceeds to the reduction of part of the muscle tissue to obtain appropriate materials to carry out the repair processes.The harmfulness of this type of phenomena is obvious.These problems mainly affect people who are very well trained.The person who is just starting training may not even notice them, but in a well-trained person such activities will result in a direct decrease in muscle mass.

The use of the BCAA Xtra supplement is able to combat this phenomenon. BCAAs are supplied to the muscles. They get into the bloodstream right after the workout, thanks to which the muscle finds the regeneration materials it needs.

  1. BCAA Xtra – typical dosage

The food supplement should be taken by mixing the supplement provided in the form of a powder with water.A typical portion of BCAA Xtra is 10 g of the supplement, mixed in 200 ml of cold water.

Take one or two doses of the supplement daily.If no workout is scheduled on a given day, only one dose should be taken on an empty stomach. If we are training on a given day, the first dose should be taken before him and the second dose should be taken immediately after him.

Dietary supplement BCAA Xtra does not have any specific contraindications. You should only avoid using this and other similar dietary supplements if you are a nursing mother or a pregnant woman.


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