Aspartic acid – everything you should know!

  1. What is aspartic acid
  2. Aspartic acid – action
  3. Aspartic acid – dosage
  4. Aspartic acid – opinions
  5. Aspartic acid – price


  1. What is aspartic acid

Aspartic acid, DAA, D or Asp is an organic chemical compound classified as a protein amino acid. DAA is a substance of endogenous character, which means that the human body is capable of its own synthesis. The process of producing Asp acid occurs in the brain structures that contain nuclei in their structure. It is not difficult to guess that we are talking about the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which additionally contribute to the production of extremely important compounds such as endorphins, GH (growth hormone), prolactin or vasopressin.


  1. Aspartic acid – action

Although aspartic acid is a protein amino acid, it has no effect on the synthesis of protein molecules, which are one of the main building blocks of muscle fibers. Nevertheless, DAA plays an important role in the human body, and above all in the context of training and body development. Due to the place of its production, which also involves the synthesis of the said growth hormone, Asp is a compound often used in the composition of preparations belonging to the group of testosterone boosters. The main reason is the fact of direct impact on increasing the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), which contributes to the increase in the production of said testosterone by the hypothalamus and pituitary nuclei. The proper level of the main androgenic hormone in men determines a number of important functions of current sexual condition,the right libido, the severity of the erection, the quality of the spermatogenesis process and the composition of the sperm itself, as well as the regular increase in muscle mass. The concept of muscle growth, or hypertrophy, is inextricably linked to the current level of testosterone in the blood.

DAA as a potentiator of testosterone synthesis is also used for other purposes. One of them is the direct impact on the mechanisms of detoxification and purification of the organism from harmful secondary metabolites. Aspartic acid effectively eliminates the effects and prevents the decomposition of ammonia resulting from a series of biochemical processes of the human body. High toxicity of ammonia to the nervous system may lead to disturbance of its work or even degradation of some of its structures. Testosterone, which has been repeated several times, also determines the regenerative mechanisms of the body after prolonged physical exertion. The high content of testosterone positively affects the quality of sleep and, in general, anabolic reactions resulting in increased energy production, and also inhibits the consequences of unwanted catabolism.


  1. Aspartic acid – dosage

Aspartic acid is a supplement aimed primarily at adults who have a noticeable drop in testosterone levels along with the progressive aging of the body. What’s more, the wrong diet, fatigue resulting from physical or intellectual work, short sleep time with a decrease in its quality and a large amount of stress are the most common causes of insufficient concentration of the basic gonadotropin hormone.

Aspartic acid supplementation should take place both on training days, as well as exercises free, during which it is recommended to use the same doses. DAA should be taken twice a day, and each of the taken doses should be in the range of 1.5 to 6 g. Boosters based on Asp acid are intended for use before the planned training, and also before sleep to intensify post-workout regeneration and alleviation effects of prolonged fatigue of the nervous system through intense physical effort. On non-exercise days, the first portion of the preparation should be applied just after waking up.

Aspartic acid is a dietary supplement that most often occurs as a self-contained preparation, although it is more and more often found in the composition of complex mixtures. Most often these are natural testosterone boosters, which should be used before bedtime as prophylactic agents. DAA is usually found as a powder for dissolution in water, but nowadays it can also be purchased in the form of capsules or tablets.


  1. Aspartic acid – opinions

Aspartic acid is a preparation perceived as one more effective supplement to enhance the synthesis of essential testosterone. The evidence for this can be scientific research, which quite clearly illustrates the undisputed influence of DAA on the increase in the concentration of the main androgenic hormone in men.

In 2010, D’Aniello conducted a study in Naples to demonstrate the effectiveness of DAA in the context of improving hormone management. The test was supposed to show the consequences resulting from systematic supplementation with aspartic acid in the group of men. After 12 days of testing, it was proved that constant DAA supplementation in the amount of 3 g per day allows you to increase the total amount of testosterone by 40%, while the concentration of LH increased by more than 25%.

DAA is becoming a wider group among supporters of other sports, not only among bodybuilding fans and enthusiasts of strength training. Martial artists or endurance areas are also willing to reach for aspartic acid support, which is dictated by a large number of benefits not only for their own form, but also for health. However, not only exercising people should reach Asp. This is mainly about middle-aged men who have a natural decline in sexual performance and libido dysfunctions. They can successfully use DAA as one of the elements of prevention, as well as protection against the effects of the progressive aging of the body.


  1. Aspartic acid – price

The cost of purchasing dietary supplements containing aspartic acid is difficult to estimate, due to a number of variables that can determine their price. The brand of the preparation, its form and weight, as well as the portion of aspartic acid used, which falls on a single portion of the supplement, affects its values. The price of aspartic acid is usually from 25 to over PLN 100. Preparations based on DAA are generally available products that can be purchased at pharmacies, points of sale of dietary supplements and in our online store.