Ashwagandha and its effect on stress

ASHWAGANDHA (Withania somnifera, greetings sleepy) – is a very interesting variety of Indian ginseng. There are many studies on it. Let’s take a closer look at some of them. The CBOS report from 2012 (Mental Health of Poles) states that 34% of respondents feel irritability, 19% feel helpless, 11% have depressive moods. 

It turns out that non-prescription drugs may also have an impact on reducing anxiety, feeling of stress, etc. 


Three x 300 mg of somnifer root extract per day (or placebo) were administered. 64 people aged 18 to 54 participated in the study, without mental disorders other than stress, experiencing stress (at least 14 points in the Feeling of Stress Scale). 

How was assessed? 

Results after 60 days 



The differences are statistically significant, which suggests a significant effect of ashwagandha on the improvement of well-being and reduction of stress. There were negligible side effects of therapy, such as reduced appetite or drowsiness (a total of 6 marginal reports in a group of 30 people). In addition, after 60 days of treatment in the ashwagandha group a decrease in cortisol by 27.9% was observed, in the placebo group by 7.9%. A systematic review of Morgan’s research A. Pratte et al. Indicates that lethal sleep affects anxiety and stress. 


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