Are sugar substitutes healthy?

Sugar in large quantities can be very harmful – certainly everyone knows. However, often many people give up sugar completely for health reasons and choose different alternatives to still enjoy the sweets in their lives. In this text, I would like to present several options as to sugar substitutes, why they should be used and whether they can give us any unwanted effects. I invite you.

    Sugar substitute – why are they worth your attention?

    Looking at how our world is developing and how easy it is to get food, we often come across processed dishes that have huge amounts of sugar. Any additional carbonated drinks only worsen the situation and the issue of obesity or type 2 diabetes has become an epidemic of our time. Many people are looking for other, better solutions to eat sweets without worrying about our health. Many manufacturers have noticed this trend, thanks to which we can see more and more products that offer both natural and artificial sugar substitutes (artificial sweetener). Most of them have been tested for toxicity and safety so we know that we can take them without fear. Their main task is to give a sweet feeling without eating a huge amount of energy in sugar.

    Natural sugar substitutes (natural sweeteners):

    • thaumatin
    • mabinlin
    • brazzein
    • miraculin
    • monellin
    • maltitol
    • mannitol
    • xylitol

    Artificial sugar substitutes (artificial sweeteners):

    • saccharin
    • aspartame
    • sucralose
    • neotame
    • acesulfame K

    Sugar substitute – therapeutic applications

    Many people use sugar substitutes mainly for health. It is worth looking at what such products can offer us.

    Help in losing kilograms

    Some people try to reduce their energy intake by choosing the right products. One of such solutions is to give up sugar and choose sweeteners

    Caring for teeth

    Sugar substitutes are not fermented by the plaque microflora, making them healthier for our teeth. Some doctors even suggest medications that do not have sugar to avoid complications


    People with diabetes obviously have a problem regulating their blood sugar levels. Using sugar substitutes is a great way to keep on enjoying the sweet in your life

    Reactive hypoglycemia

    Some people have a problem with creating too much glucose after absorbing glucose into the bloodstream. As a result, the blood glucose level falls below the level required for normal functioning. For this reason, often such people have to take sugar substitutes to avoid such situations

    Sugar substitute – harmful to health?

    There are some concerns about whether sugar substitutes can be harmful to health. One example is a study in which it appeared that drinkers of “carbonated diet drinks” had a greater chance of gaining weight than those drinking sugar-sweetened drinks. Animal tests, in turn, showed that the sweet aftertaste forced the body’s insulin response despite the fact that blood sugar levels did not increase, which forced the body to eat more.

    And how about you? Are you using any sugar substitutes?
    And how about you? Are you using any sugar substitutes?


    Sugar substitutes can certainly be a great solution for someone, however, it should be remembered that, according to research, the mere use of such products is not enough to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Despite this, we need a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. “Dietary carbonated drink will not solve all our life problems;)