Apple diet – rules and effects, how much weight can you lose?

The apple diet has been gaining popularity recently. In the available sources, the recommendations associated with the apple diet may vary. Some state that it is a one-ingredient diet and apples are the only component of meals. They can be eaten in a variety of forms – apple juice, steamed, boiled, stewed, baked or raw.

How many apples a day can we consume during weight loss?

Some sources say that fruit can be eaten without limitation, others – up to 2 kilograms. During the diet, each day should begin with drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. The apple diet is very restrictive, so it is used only for three days. It is advisable to prepare for it before starting. You should limit the intake of fatty, hard to digest foods. Dishes should be delicate so as not to strain the digestive tract. Once the apple diet is over, other foods should be gradually introduced to get the digestive tract used to normal food again.

There is also a second, extended variant of the diet in which apples are only a side dish. In this case, it is believed that the apple diet cannot provide more than 1000 kcal per day. Dishes should consist of lean, gently cooked foods. Due to the less restrictive nature of this diet, it can be followed for longer – 7 days. In both cases, remember to keep your body properly hydrated, an average of 2 litres of fluids (herbal teas, water) per day.

Apples on a diet – healthy properties

These fruits are low in calories. One medium-sized apple provides about 80 kcal. They are a source of pectins – dietary fibre, which helps regulate the intestinal passage. They also improve lipid profile and carbohydrate metabolism in the blood. Apples should be eaten with the skin (if there are no contraindications) because it also contains vitamins and minerals. However, the most noteworthy is quercetin. This compound belongs to flavonols. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-aggregative and antioxidant effects.

What benefits can be expected from an apple diet?

It is credited with cleansing the body of toxins. It is also supposed to improve the function of the digestive tract and additionally aid in weight loss.

Health benefits of eating apples
Health benefits of eating apples

Apple diet – effects, how much weight can be lost?

The apple diet brings effects in the form of improved well-being due to the removal of toxins. It is also supposed to improve the quality of the skin and the work of the digestive tract. The most expected effect is weight loss. It is reported that when using the second variant, where apples are an addition to a meal, within a week you can get rid of about 7 kilograms. It should be emphasized that the body loses water, not fat tissue. If you want to take care of your health by normalizing your body weight, you should focus on reducing body fat. This is very important because it secretes substances with a pro-inflammatory effect, which increase inflammation throughout the body.

Apple diet – contraindications

A one-ingredient diet is not recommended. The body has natural mechanisms to ensure regular cleansing from toxins – exceptions are some chronic diseases such as kidney failure. Using an apple diet for weight loss is also not advisable because it provides a very small amount of energy – often below basic metabolism rate needs (the amount of energy the body needs for basic life functions). A single-ingredient apple diet does not provide the necessary substances for the body to function properly.

In a healthy person, the apple diet should not adversely affect the body with a short period of use. It will definitely be contraindicated in people with gastrointestinal diseases such as reflux, stomach problems and intestinal diseases. Better and more lasting results can be obtained by using rational nutrition and negative energy balance – if you want to lose weight.

Apple diet menu

I breakfast: oatmeal (4 tablespoons) on the water with apple (80 g) and cinnamon

II breakfast: natural yoghurt (150 g) with chopped apple (80 g)

Dinner: roasted chicken breast (100 g) with apples (160 g), millet groats (75 g)

Snack: cocktail on the water with apple (80 g), celery (30 g) and parsley (3 g)

Supper: rice (50 g) with roasted apple (80 g) and cinnamon.


The apple diet is a single-ingredient diet that is mainly meant to cleanse the body and also help with weight loss. Before following the diet, make sure that there are no health contraindications to such a strict diet. If you want to enjoy good health, it is better to use rational nutrition based on the Pyramid of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.