Amino acids EAA effectively build muscle tissue

Any athlete’s diet should contain an appropriate amount of protein, which is rich in amino acids EAA. This will, in turn, ensure an increase in muscle mass. Research has shown that taking advantage of additional dietary supplements containing 15 grams of amino acids EAA a day has a direct influence on the increase of muscle mass within the period of three months. This research is promising due to an advanced age group, and a lack of physical activity of the research subjects.

The aim of the research

The aim of the research was finding out whether the EAA food supplements improve the Fractional Synthetic Rate (FSR) of muscle protein, the Lean Body Mass (LBM), and the maximum muscle strength of one repeat.

The research

Researchers from Texas chose seven women at the age of 68, who were given 75g amino acids EAA twice a day, which altogether was adding a row of 150g of vital amino acids every day. Appropriate data was being monitored in order to find out whether it is possible to increase the body mass of elderly women who, additionally, are not physically active.

Two groups of women were monitored, where one of the groups was receiving a placebo treatment, and the other was given 150g amino acids a day, in between meals.


EAA improves lean body mass and the fractional synthetic rate of muscle protein in elderly people. A severe anabolic reaction to the EAA supplementation is continuous throughout time, and can also improve LBM, compensating the degradation caused by sarcopenia. (Sarcopenia is a group of symptoms which cause the loss of muscle mass, and a decreased function of the muscle.)

The women taking placebo did not experience any physical changes in their body shape, meanwhile, the women taking the EAA supplementation were noted to have a much-increased lean body mass level.

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