Alopecia is a common clinical problem that causes greater than physiological hair loss

When the loss is greater than 100 hairs per day, there is excessive hair loss, which unfortunately often contributes to baldness.

This ailment is caused by premature hair rupture – anagen balding, or a greater number of growing hairs in the resting phase – telogen effluvium.

There are many types of baldness.The ones we know the most

In addition, we also distinguish between scarring, periodic, common, hereditary, neurotic, sinuses and several others.


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Characteristics of these most famous baldness

Plaque baldness is characterized by oval or round foci of total baldness.These are well-delineated foci.Alopecia areata appear on the scalp, less often in the pubic and axillary region.Males are also seen on the face.Alopecia areata appear suddenly.Most often it affects people aged 20-40.

Treatment consists of administering micronutrients, zinc compounds, magnesium and stimulus-acting drugs.

Alopecia is based on excessive hair loss, which results first in thinning up to the total lack of hair.Alopecia affects only the scalp.Alopecia may have a hormonal background.It may be due to genetic conditions, gastrointestinal diseases, typhoid or syphilis.Such baldness can also be caused by improper nutrition, aging of the body or after childbirth – postpartum alopecia.

Baldness in the course of chemotherapy

A known side effect of chemotherapy is baldness.The psychological aspect is of great importance for the patient.Many ill people waiting for chemotherapy are not afraid of pain, diarrhea, shivering or vomiting as much as hair loss.Why do hair fall out?Through cytostatic drugs that destroy cells that are dividing and which are used in chemotherapy.In this type of baldness, the fact that after the completion of chemotherapy, the hair grows back and can be even stronger and darker is reassuring.

Anagen alopecia is quite a specific type of baldness, due to the fact that after eliminating the causative factor, the hair grows back.It is characterized by diffuse baldness, progressing in a short time.It is often accompanied by inflammation.They are always caused by an external factor damaging the hair follicles that divide intensely.

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Baldness in the course of pregnancy is caused by the level of estrogen in the woman’s body.

It is known that this hormone during pregnancy increases, and in turn after the pregnancy, the level suddenly decreases, which may result in excessive hair loss.After six months from the moment of birth, the hair grows back.

Baldness in children is usually caused by congenital or hereditary disease.Baldness in children is characterized by alopecia areata.Hypotrichosis simplex is responsible for baldness in children.It is manifested in the fact that the child has rare hair, which becomes very thick and rough, during early childhood, while falling out during puberty.At the age of 20, a young man already has alopecia areata.

The statements are incorrect and often spoken

These include the statement that only intellectuals thin their hair, or baldness is a natural part of the aging process.Many people think that the reason for baldness in men is high testosterone levels, or if frequent hair washing causes them to fall out.Each of these statements is untrue.

What is good for strengthening the hair?

We live in such times that our market is so saturated with goods that we have a lot to choose from.This also applies to hair care and protection products.Producers tempt us with shampoos, conditioners, balms and hair masks, with a pleasant aroma.There is a lot to choose from, that’s why let’s take care of our hair, make it clean, nourished and nicely combed.Especially long hair needs care and thorough brushing.Here are some hairdressing rules

It is also worth mentioning that at least every three weeks you should visit the hairdresser to look neat and cared for.

Healthy herb for hair

It is also worth taking care of herbs that will have a positive effect on our hair.Very helpful for hair, skin and nails is probably known to everyone of horsetail, which is worth buying.


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